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Purple Doggo OTA (OPEN)
I’m looking for at least 50 DA points on this boi. I can take art as an add on.
Base by :iconaethongryphon:
Anthro YCH (OPEN)
This is just a sketch, so the finished project will be a bit different depending on charcter design

The charter can be a feline, canine or dragon, however the main sketch is feline

The expression may be changed to a more peacful one rather than worried

I’m going to have three d open at first, maybe more later. Each slot starts 25 points, and I may ask for more complicated designs

Extra tails: +5 per tail
Complicated design (lots of stripes and / or colors): +10




I'm researching Harry Potter werewolves for a Harry potter/ Supernatural fic I'm writing and I just realized how inconsistent the art of them is. I've seen pieces with mostly human characteristics and then there's pieces where they look like regular wolves and both are on the Pottermore werewolf fact file. Idk how to describe them at this rate.
*bangs head on table*
I need to do art and not just sit around watching supernatural and making jokes about luci with my friend
[] Gotten detention.
[x] Gotten your phone taken away
[] Gotten in school suspension
[] Got sent to the principal's office.
[x] Chewed gum during class.

[x] Gotten more than 8 tardies
[x] Didn't do homework over 3 times.
[x] Turned at least 3 projects in late.
[x] Missed school cause you felt like it.
[] talked too much and got kicked out of class

[x] Got your mom/dad etc. to get you out of school.
[x] Text people during class.
[x] Passed notes.
[x] Threw stuff across the room.
[x] Laughed at the teacher

[] Pulled down the fire alarm.
[x] MySpace, Facebook, etc. on the computer at school.
[x] Took pictures during school hours.
[x] Called someone during school hours.
[x] Listened to an iPod/CD player/Mp3 during class.

[] Threw something at the teacher.
[x] Went outside the classroom without permission.
[x] Broke the dress code.
[] Failed a class
[x] Ate food during class.

[] Gotten a call home
[] Couldn't go on a field trip cause you behaved badly
[x] Didn't take your stuff to school
[] Gotten a detention and didn't go
[] Stuck your middle finger at a teacher.
[x] Cursed during class loud enough so the teacher could hear.

[] Slept in class.
[] Cursed at a teacher
[x] Copied homework
[x] Felt hungry during class and left to eat
[x] Got into so many fights.
Total= 23

Times your total by 3
repost as ."I screwed up __% of my __years."
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Lucky Charms
  • Drinking: Water
Tony Stark / Iron Man
[ ] You like booze
[x] You are the life of the party
[x] You love gadgets
[x] You can be rather cocky
[ ] Your favorite color is red or gold
[x] You're good with computers
[x] You use sarcasm a lot
[x] You love getting attention
[ ] You're good at mechanics
[ ] You have issues with your parents


Dr. Bruce Banner / The Hulk
[x] You're good at science
[x] You can get very aggressive when ticked off
[x] You like to be secluded most of the time
[x] You like wearing baggy clothes
[ ] You like to meditate
[x] You like doing science experiments
[ ] You try to avoid getting into fights
[ ] You like wearing purple things
[x] You're clever
[x] Your favorite color is green


Thor Odinson
[x] You're good with a hammer
[X] You like coffee
[ ] You can eat a truckload of food and still be hungry
[x] You can be arrogant
[x] You have long hair
[x]  You have an interest in astrology
[x] You can get sulky when things don't go your way
[ ] You like to dress up as fantasy characters
[X] You don't get on well with your sibling(s)


Steve Rogers / Captain America
[X] You like helping those in need in any way you can
[x] You hate bullies
[x] You're a great leader
[ ] You're a bit of a do-gooder
[ ] One of your favorite color is red, white or blue
[ ] You like wearing things with stars on them
[ ] You strongly admire the army
[x] You have a good throwing arm
[ ] You like war films
[x] You're good at running


Colonel Nick Fury
[x] You like wearing long coats Walk into the crime scene like what up I've got a big coat. I'm so pumped about murders, I'm Sherlock
[ ] You're good at organizing things
[ ] You're good at being in the loop
[x] You like guns
[ ] You're good at giving information to people
[ ] You like giving solutions to peoples problems
[x] You like eyepatches
[ ] You work best as part of a team
[ ] You like beards
[x] You like wearing black things


Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
[x] You like wearing tight clothes
[ ] You can do martial arts (
[x] You're intrested in the world of spies
[ ] You have red hair
[x] You're quite agile
[x] People generally don't know much about the real you
[x] You like to make yourself look good
[x] You can speak another language
[x] You're good at taking orders
[ ] You were born in a different country to the one you are living in now


Clint Barton / Hawkeye
[x] You're very good at archery. (I hope I am...)
[x] You currently like/love someone on your team
[x] You like to wear purple and black
[x] You're very good at aiming (aiming yes.. until I get to the part where I have to actually hit the target...)
[x] You've worked at the carnival
[ ] You like working in a team
[x] You're up for almost anything thrown at you
[x] You'd be a top assassin if you ever took the job
[x] You're quiet
[x] You tend to get along with people well (I tend to ignore most people because they're annoying)


Loki Laufeyson
[x] You want to be a great leader (and take over the world!!! or at least be a good role model...)
[x] You want to prove something
[ ] You're the younger sibling
[x] You've been/are overshadowed by a sibling
[X] You don't get along so great with your sibling
[x] You're good at lying
[ ] You're adopted
[x] You're very clever
[x] You are able to manipulate people well
[x] Your favorite color is green or gold (green with black is good.. Meow :3)


Ayyyye I'm Hawkeye, my favorite Avenger.
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Lucky Charms
  • Drinking: Water
Anyways, ten OCs. Pick them now!

1. Spades
2. Wynne
3. Phoenix
4. Carmen
5. Bridget
6. Solstice
7. Heather
8. Horizon
9. Glacier
10. Eclipse

Hmmhmmmm! I like your choice! But now, let's see if your OCs are strong enough to stand through ice, fire, blood, hell, and......crack pairings!

Don't change any questions, or cheat! I'll send my tribespeople after you, and they are a pretty scary bunch! Have fun, OCs! *pulls trigger*

1. Well, first, does 4 have anything to 'comment' about before we start?
She'd like to say that she will win whatever game we are playing.

2. Shut up, 4. Now, if 10 and 2, were stuck in a burning building together, how would they spend their last few moments?
Trying to save the pets from inside

3. Beautiful! Brings a tear to my eye. What if I told you 3 and 5 are now dating, huh? Believe me there, 6?
Solstice believes that, since it is true

4. Whatever you say. Now, chose your dearest pairing of the sort (if none, chose the two that are the closest together, or a crack pairing) and make them die together, slowly. Perhaps, say, from a zombie attack. Then make something happen to ruin the moment.
Spades and Heather watch as the zombies slowly stumble towards them, and Heather grips Spades' paw tighter. Then, PSYCH! Spades teleports his ass outta there because fuck that shit.

5. Haha! I like your sense of humor! Oh-no! Looks like 1 and 7 don't though! In fact...looks like they want to kill you for such a lame joke!
Then, by all means, kill me.

6. Hope you made it out alive. Anyone barely scrapping through this meme?
 Spades is choking himself by laughing.

7. Tough, OC. Buckle up, there! So, what would happen if 3 tried to bake for 9?
she burned the house down...

8. Yuck. So, time for an old favorite: Why is 6 afraid of 7?
I assume it is because 7 is a prime number, and prime numbers can be intimidating.

But in all reality, Heather is a hellhound, sooo

9. Ooh, yes, I'd avoid them, 6. Now, what would happen if 2,3,5, and 7 found 8 and 10 doing..........'it' in the bathroom?
They'd be hella confused, cuz Eclipse is gay and not into dragons

10. 1! 2! Stop fighting! Why are they arguing with each other?!
Spades isn't a vegan and Wynne is.

11. Better sort that out. Why not make them kiss and forgive each other? >:3 You know you wanna!
Uh no

12. How romantic. Now, let's dress up 5, 6 and 2 up in fish suits! Looks pretty good, huh?

13. Hmm. Maybe not. So, let's here all the details about 3 and 8's first date. Doesn't matter who or what they are, they went on one!
This is so weird because they're basically the same character but as dif species

14. Awww, young love. Okay OCs, let's take a breather.....NOT! 5 and 10, how do you feel about being a couple now?!
They broke up a while ago, so no

15 Cute.....wait, say WHAT?!?! You mean... 3 is their child?! How does everyone else react?!

16. Congrats. You'll get a card in the mail next week, you three. So, 6, any 'secrets' you'd love to share with us?
Solstice found a liquor store... And she drank it.

Also she knows that Bridget is having an affair

17. 8 is now jealous of 9, who is currently dating 4. How does he/she crash their date and steal their loved one away?
Running in and screaming WHATS UP FUCKERS and knocking over the table

18. Enjoying all of this, 1?
Yes, the chaos is entertaining

19. I am too. So, 2, 3, 4 now are having a picnic...IN SPACE! And while riding on Nyan Cat! Could life get any better?!

20. Yes, I am jealous! Do any of you hate me now for putting you through this? I hope not! I have a frying pan, and I'm not afraid to use it!
I have a PS4 remote, and I'm afraid to use it

21. Everyone loves crack pairings, no? Well, 6, you better start liking them, because now 5 went and wrote a fanfic about you and 9 dating! Ugh!
Solstice ate Bridget...

22. Sad truth. Well, OCs, it's time for me to end this meme. Anyone crying? Anyone not care? Anyone pumping their fists and screaming YOLO?
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Lucky Charms
  • Drinking: Water


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