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Hey SiNjI Do you like beer??

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Amazing! Misato😋

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beautiful 💖❤️💖❤️

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Misato knows that Asuka is watching what is going on and she plans on teaching her charges all about sexual bliss. It was only a matter of time before this happens. This should help Asuka and Shinji's synchronicity go way up. Soon enough Misato plans on inviting Rei over to participate. For now though, Asuka and Shinji are in for a long time with Misato as they are taught on how tonbe excellent lovers.

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I've seen this before and I know how it ends.

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Magnificent and sexy

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Did everyone notice Asuka in the background?

Superb image. Always superb.

Shinji is gay to not wanna tap that drunken body!!

Gorgeously sexy and drunkenly cute

also, it’s Shinji

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Love the way you draw Misato. Misato is truly a fave of mine 😍

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Like?! Love it, actually!!! Beer Ching

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Incredibly nice ! She is amazingly cute ! I also love Asuka in the background :)

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Yeah, make a man out of him!

Might of done a world of difference!

If she doesn't just pass out on top of him

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Lol, yeah that too!

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She looks super pretty and lovely sweet!!

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