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Hacked Marnie

By Kittew
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Marnie leaked photos / someone hacked her phone I aInT gOt RhYtHm 
how she’ll react?   (¬‿¬ )
On patreon February ( lewd adult nsfw ) 
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I like it when people age her up but actually make her look like an adult. Thank you for doing that instead of just making nsfw of her as a child. XD
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Twitch will absolutely Marine. Although she has to make extra careful her older brother or the rest of Team Yell are not made aware of her naughty online activites. Ah so she too is a huge fan of Nessa and I don't think it has anything to do with strictly her skills as a gym leader. If she was hacked, then Team Yell will be more than happy to dish out some serious retribution on whoever did it. Seriously Marine must have a whole bunch of devoted  and demented fans who would do anything for their princess.
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the best use for my emote 👀
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Awesome work! Love all the details :)

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very nice  Badassplz Burningplz by Emoji-plz
great work, but i have one question: why only her keyboard is mirrored? )))
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Could be a left handed keyboard, some shops sell them.
Seen it with my own eyes but nothing I would buy.
i've taken a look on LH-keyboards aaand no. It's a mirrored keyboard here because on an LH-keyboard numpad zero and enter placed another way. And Marnie is righthanded, isn't she?
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Them do exist like this simple one (or maybe my eyes are tricking me again. :P ):…
Been around computers almost since I was born '79 so I seen some really strange stuff. :P
Can totally agree that it is not the most common layout for LH keyboards as far I know.
Which brings us back to your question if it is mirrored.
Anykeys.... eh.... anyways....
I not much of a Pokemon player so not know for sure if she right or left handed or can use both.
Quick Google search says and shows she got the Pokeball in her right hand.
Feel free to correct me. :)
I have no reasons to correct you. 
But i have to mention, that picture is stylized as some kind of selfie-moment according to face-detecting angles and phone interface elements. And you may check if you want: a telephone in such mode works like a mirror, so whole picture have to be mirrored except the phone interface.
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Ah, did not think of that. Thanks. :)
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There are LH-keyboards with zero and enter buttons inverted :o
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