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Bunny Erza Tavern

Love Taver term Beer Ching  I wonder what Erza can show for another pint of beer?

For April on Patreon! ( lewd adult nsfw )

Dispute of Tifa and Jessie by Kittew  Kaisa Additional by Kittew  Narmaya by Kittew  Prinz Eugen Streaming by Kittew 
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I'm in love of this face! You are a magician!

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One of the main reasons why guys really do miss going to the bars/pubs. Unless of course you have a girlfriend who who is willing to dress like this and serve you beer then she is a keeper. At least Erza is kind of enough start flirting with the male patrons after they had a couple of beers. Rest assured she will get tipped very well for such high quality service, being such a fun seductive lady, and dressing up in a sexy bunnysuit.

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I have fallen in love with your art , i hope one day i would do art like you do

make an art of lucy too

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Erza and Lucy look amazing. =)

Keep up the amazing work.^^/

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May Use this image on my website

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I love it soooo much!

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All the things I like on a single picture :D

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So Beautiful! Err.... Zaa!!!!!! <3

I hope I can profit from the game ( ) I'm making so I can finally commission you and hopefully design some of my in-game monsters in the future :')

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Very good job, the coloring is great, the details are very accomplished.Very sensual girl

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Great style you've got there :)

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Beyond awesome. The lighting, setting, and that facial expression. Great job!

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Beautiful Erza!:love:

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looks simply STUNNING, the pose and design are both gorgeous and well done :aww:

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Everything looks good, but the neck seems to skinny to me.

Invitingly sexy and gorgeously bouncy bunny indeed

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