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First Minhpressions

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There were so many more that I was planning on drawing but I was starting to get overwhelmed and really nervous. o///o ;;;;;
L-let's all be friends ok! *heart attack*

Minh would love to be friends with anyone and everyone who is able/willing to put up with him. (He's a pain in the butt)
Minh: This is a competition.. So we're kinda all rivals.. But we can be bros too right? ;D

EDIT Minh likes women.
-Minh:That's why they're called wominh. ;D </Minh>
If your character is a lovely lady they have just as much chance as any lovely lady to uhh... attract him? idk. Like really though.. anyone who can put up with him. emphasize put up with, he. is. obnoxious. Don't be blinded by his nipple ring. He's a block head.(or maybe hence the nipple ring, he's a blockhead) xD;;;;;;;;;

More about Minh (in case you were wondering): He is short and intimidated by taller women.
No, he never wears a shirt. (I am working on the outfit meme thing hahahaha it will be funny I promise xDDDD)
His piercings are left ear, right nipple.
He has other pokemon but I didn't draw them so I guess you'll have to wait until we are allowed to switch pokemon if you wanted to see more of his pokemon c; or you could just rummage through my gallery to find his UBF app from last year xDD

In the picture:
Alice Lin: [link]
Zelda Sullivan: [link]
Yukino: [link]
Miki: [link]
Aya Soran: [link]
Aster: [link]
Hyun Jae: [link]
Alysa: [link]
Linn Chenn: [link]
Kain: [link]
Fritz: [link]
Kyle: [link]
Oswald: [link]
Hal: [link]

This is Minh's impressions. Minh: [link]

Also I am really sorry I totally destroyed all of your characters ahhhHHhhhhesoihfrsohi
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Thank you very much for drawing Fritz ;u; HE LOOKS SO SLY, PERFECT! And of course gorgeous colouring 8DD
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Oh my, all the people and all the different expressions *U*
I love how you organized the meme and you really captured all the different personalities!

Aaaand thank you for including Morgan ; u ; <33
He is an odd boy but would be thrilled to know someone would be friends with him |D
He looks so cute in your style.
cherubchan's avatar
AKJSHKAJH AMG, So many ppl! * A *
It takes so much dedication man, kudos!

And thanks for adding Kain in there, awww, seems like Minh would be the first person that wants to be friends with him lol (Idk, coz most people just want to fight him xDD)
MysticSybil's avatar
wow... that's a lot of people... they all look so prettyyyy

I've never drawn so many people at once so this is really amazing~

And look at all the friends you're making <3
Aya-Soran's avatar
aldkfasdkfj :icondesucraiplz: Everyone is so cute!
;A; Thank you for including Aya in this. and on the pretty girls list no less! \@u@/
mariot4747's avatar
Awww this is so cute :3
Thanks for adding little Oswald ^^, I really hope that Minh and Oswald can be friends! :3
Most people think he looks like a girl though, I hope he doesn't get confused xD
superlote's avatar
OTL . . . I'm not a pretty girl I guess . . .
Kittermew's avatar
What? No You're totally a pretty girl!! :'<
Minh hasn't met everybody yet! He is minhterested in pretty much any and every girl.I was trying to say that in my description but I suck at words
'cept he's scared of tall girls. (taller than him)
superlote's avatar
Oh. 8D -Shot- WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU MET LOTICE. -Shot againnnn.-

(Lol sorry if I sounded like an attention whore, just being retarded. xD)

5'2"-5'3" xD
Kittermew's avatar

(No, no, I understand. My characters almost never get drawn : D : So I tried to draw as many as possible so no one else would feel like that but it was more than I could do before homework OTL)

Minh: Perfect height, for the perfect bird keeper. :iconstudmuffinplz:
superlote's avatar
XDDD Omg me too. But tbh, I remember it's kinda like "What's he wearing . . . ?" but then I'm all (Thinking: You mean what isn't he wearing?) and then it's all "But his hair is amazing" Lol.

It seems you do the most work when you procrastinate . . .

Lotice: Wait whatnow.
Kittermew's avatar
Yeah, just watch as I submit my round one within the last hour... Just like my app. xD;;;;;;;

Minh: *winks and goes off to train for the first round*
superlote's avatar
Pfffft. Lol. Gotta start designing the subway bus because I don't know how to draw that shet . . .

Lotice: Eh . . . ? -Face feels hot.- Too many flirts in one tournament . . . -Thinking about Kain.-
CelesteBlue's avatar
Thank you so much for including Alysa!!! I wonder how they would act towards each other. *Q*
Ai-Nee's avatar
Oh mah gosh~~
It's so beautiful I think I'm in love with you~ Thank you so much for drawing Linn :iconhappytearsplz:

Please be friends with Linn~ That stupid jerkbag has no friends :icontearplz:
Kittermew's avatar
Of course! Minh is always happy to have more trainers to eat chips with! Especially if they have bird pokemon cccc;
Ai-Nee's avatar
YUSH~They're gunna be awesome friends :iconsuperw00tplz:
kishi-san's avatar
love the pun XD
yes! come and be bro with Sandra ;u; //lacking friends lmao
Kittermew's avatar
*brofive* BD
Moofle's avatar
eeeeeeee it makes me really happy to see you being so appreciated *u*, /single happy tear
Kittermew's avatar
Friendship is real~ ; U; Magic must be real too~<3
zukaSi's avatar
fhjsdsdf rustboro bros
AHAH OMG your character is so awesome. like seriously. xD
I like how you drew everyone btw. 8O all the different emotions, man *__*
SP4RT4N-23's avatar
adasgfashfsa :iconamgplz: thats so awesome!!!Kyle is in it! :hug: thank you!!! >u< i never expected to have the chance of seeing him again in your style! thank you thank you thank you!!! Sure he can be friend of Kyle! he dont mind it if he dont mind his derpy akwardness quiet personality =u=
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