What's your favorite season?
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Published: September 27, 2015
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fall. first crisp day after a hot summer promising change; there is nothing like it.  plus halloween.... :D
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kittenwyldeHobbyist Digital Artist
Agreed! :D
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NoseneighborHobbyist Digital Artist
I clicked fall as it is the more relaxing of the mild seasons here. Spring shares the temp changes from the extremes as well, but contains a sence of urgency. A get out and do something kind of feel.
Then again, winter has the weather that permits the playing of hookie to do no more than listen to the quiet snow falling or screaming down an icy hill on a sled as if one had reverted to childhood.
Summer has those days of playing in the heat, feeling great, then the relative coolness of the night offers an intimate time of closeness and sometimes even friskiness.
Okay, I like the sensation of living whenever, maybe just a bit more in autumn. I think.
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kittenwyldeHobbyist Digital Artist
I do like all the other seasons, too, but fall has always been the best for me. Something about the color of the sky, the way the air starts smelling better, and (when not living in the desert) all the dead leaves. True, I can no longer take a running jump and land safely in a leaf pile, but they still make me happy.
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kittenwyldeHobbyist Digital Artist
Mine's fall, but I can't vote on my own polls anymore. :(
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