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Happy New Year! :chairdance:
So here's the deal. When I got my first halfway decent computer, back in the year 2000, a friend of mine gave me a copy of this program called Bryce. I fiddled with it a bit, but it was rather mind-boggling for someone who had no idea how to work it. I made some pretty cool images, compared to what I used to make eons ago on paint programs, and lost them forever. (Yes, I backed them up. On floppy. Just... don't say it, okay?)
The program was over my head at the time, but I could see it had awesome potential. So when I got a chance to pick up Bryce 5.5, with a new computer strong enough to run it without melting, I grabbed it. The install disk came with a free version of the ancient Daz beta, also, v0.9-something. I tried that, decided it sucked, and dove into Bryce, this time with the support of a manual to tell me what all the funky controls and strange menus actually did.
Fast forward a few years, and you get me as I am now: filling up all my spare moments with computer stuff. Gaming (Elder Scrolls obsession), writing, and, you guessed it, 3D art. I've wanted to do a compare/contrast journal forever, because it's often quite an ego boost when I start thinking "I suck!" to look back at what I used to consider good art. That's kind of hard, though, when you can't find the old files.
Well, this time around, I actually did it. I found the oldest Bryce files I have, which constitute the images I ranked as the best I'd ever done back in 2005.
Here they are.
The first five images are from 2005, the last five are some of my favorites from 2019. Bryce 5.5, Daz Studio 4.12, and (modern ones only) Photoshop CC.
I think I'll go pat myself on my artistic back now, unless someone comes along and sticks a "You suck!" pin into my fragile little ego. :D
EDIT: Aw, damn. I just noticed I didn't include my latest image, which happens to be one I love very much. So there's now six modern pics.

Beach2 by kittenwyldeMistisland by kittenwylde

Moonisland by kittenwyldePrimordial by kittenwylde

Pyramid by kittenwylde

Dragon In the Morning by kittenwyldeBalloon! by kittenwylde

Random Portrait: Shyla by kittenwyldeAlien Dude by kittenwylde

Ruined by kittenwylde

Moon by kittenwylde
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It's interesting to see the process of learning and advancing across a period of time. Applications and models have also grown along with us. Just looking generally at images produced with the advent of Iray has improved 3D work on dA. And too, our dollars helped to build and advance the companies that provide content for us; just think back to the old start up models and where we are today! Thanks for the moment of reflection.:)
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I was thinking about the improvements in the software, too. I can do almost everything in Daz now that I could in Bryce then, which is one heck of a change in the Studio software. And I still have the original Vicky... holy cow. Talk about improvement in models!!!
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You can definitely see how far you've come, how your skills have developed. And your early Bryce stuff is better than my early Studio stuff. (Someone had to tell me to turn on shadows in 3Delight, which is a pretty common thing, I guess.)
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Thanks! As for Studio... sheesh. I couldn't even get mine to work at all, so not turning on shadows is just a tiny little thing.