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Houses of the Unholy - Before and After


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Avija Wings and Tail and Geoshell Issues

Since I received a couple of messages about some issues with the Avija Wings and Tail product, I want to post a little tut how to counter some odd ghosting that can occur on the wings and tail. I will show it on the example of the wings. A short version of this procedure can be found in the AV !!Short Instructions included in the product, see section Geoshells. Some users have reported they get odd rectangular "boxes" around the feathers or the whole wings/tail they cannot get rid of. This might look like this (wing example shown): This is caused by geoshells covering some or all of the wing/tail surfaces. Either the included shells of the wing/tail are covering the pieces, or a freshly loaded one is responsible. Please select and check the mentioned shells in your Scene tab below: AV Wings Transition Shell and AV Wings Down Shell on the wings and AV Tail Transition Shell and AV Tail Down Shell on the tail A freshly loaded geoshell on Genesis Then navigate to your Parameters tab


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Weekly Themed Feature and Next Themes!

Happy Thursday ! It is time for our Weekly Themed Feature once again, and this week the theme was MAGICAL PLACES. We had some great images submitted, so thank you to everyone who joined in this week! And without further ado, here are this week's images! Please head on over to our front page to vote for your favourite image in the PICK OF THE WEEK poll! The winner will be announced on Monday. NEXT 2 THEMES The theme next week is KNIGHTS OF THE REALM. Submissions are due by FEBRUARY 4TH AT 7AM PACIFIC TIME. The following week, the theme will be FATE. If you would like to get a head start on this theme, we will be accepting entries from FEBRUARY 4TH up to FEBRUARY 11TH. You may submit your images to the WEEKLY THEMED FEATURE SUBMISSIONS album. Remember, submissions are limited to one per member so please do submit your best! However, the feature challenges are open to all skill levels (or how would we improve? ;) ) Submissions must be new images created for the


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