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Finally! I have completed the initial stage of re-organizing my Daz content!!! After months of bitching, a complete inability to find anything, major frustration, and little pathetic whimpery noises every time I opened Studio, I have gotten my shit in order!
Mostly. Not finished with the fine-tuning yet. But now, if I want to find a prop, I know where it is. And all the things that went astray are found. And all the things I thought I remembered buying but couldn't remember their names are now easily located.

Daz Studio 4.11, Iray, Photoshop CC
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Ironically I know where all my stuff is but I don't expect that to last into the not so distant future. I may be contacting you for organizing techniques. Nice elation in your render! :)
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Thanks! And my "technique" devolved into going through the alphabetical product listing, because trying to sort stuff by genre produced a major catastrophe.
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That's some fun picture :D Grats to your triumphant victory over chaos!
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Thanks! And seriously, nobody does happy like a drag queen. :happybounce:
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I need to do that with my collection soon. I wish Daz would implement some guidelines or, better yet, a check on how content creators categorize their creations. Keeping any amount of them organized is very painful.
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Wouldn't that be wonderful? So you could find all the buildings under "buildings" instead of architecture, or props, or scene, or some other random thing...
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und wie? Den Trick wüsste ich gerne. ;)
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No real trick, just the alphabetical product listing... :panic: 
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OK , but you can search in Daz....
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You can search, but the objects need to be tagged properly which is also rare. For example, I often do presentation graphics for an automation team and have accumulated about 20 different robots from Daz over the past several years. I think literally 3 of them came tagged as "robot". Two were tagged as "bot", and the rest of them had tags with the product name and often the creator but nothing in common each other or that would come up with any search resembling "robot". I had to add those tags myself.

I also often like browsing to spark ideas and search doesn't really well work for that.

For a large library, both the tagging and the organization are terrible coming out of the Daz store. It would be such a headache reduction if they would just get organized and ensure their products were organized as well.


Of course, that's just my opinion. spin smile  
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I understood. My library is not large so it is working for me.
But do you organize all the Robot now under R?
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In my case, I've still been relying on the tags until now, but desperately need to sit down and categorize my entire library because browsing is really painful at this point and is something I still do regularly. Rather than alphabetical (I can never remember the names of the products) I'll go with a type taxonomy, stuff like "Characters" with "People", "Animals", "Monsters", "Robots", etc. under that. Then "Robots" would have things like "Aggressive", "Cute", "Functional", "RealWorld" under that. "Functional" would live things like a factory robot arm in it. I'm still debating on whether I will put of all the factory robot arm's accessories under that or in a different "Accessories" category (since most accessories can be used with different models), but I'm not sure yet.

That kind of a hierarchy just suits the way my brain works better.
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Woohoo. Congrats! The big re-organization is miserable! LOL
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Thanks! And yes. Yes it is. Not fun at all, beyond discovering all the things that had gone astray.
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