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Happy holidays to everyone, whatever you celebrate this time of year! I made this on the solstice. :)
On a side note, I got a lovely new (used) monitor, a crapload of Daz content, a new toy for Photoshop (Particle Shop plugin), and warm fuzzy socks. :laughing: I intend to stop buying new Daz stuff for a while, until I can actually use what I've got. Don't know how well I'll stick to that, but I'm going to try. I also have every intention of keeping myself out of Elder Scrolls Online long enough to do more art, because I miss working on art stuff. (The new monitor will definitely help with that. I "loaned" my second screen to my boyfriend, who casually never returned it, leaving me to discover I don't like trying to use Daz Studio on a single screen. Makes me grumpy and claustrophobic.)

Daz Studio 4.12, Iray, Photoshop CC
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This is so elegant and pretty! Heart for you

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Loved your work, your gallery is are so talented. And deserve more watchers. started watching you, please watch me back if you can....keep up the good work....cheers

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Thank you so much for the appreciation and the watch!

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I know how difficult night scenes are, so grats on a mood well captured! Very beautiful!
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Thank you! That's TerraLuna for the moon, by the way.
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Ah I see. I came across that set before, but did not think I'd have much use for it. I may have been wrong ;)
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I was horribly disappointed with TerraLuna until this image. The thing that made all the difference was the clouds. I got that Cloudscape Creator bundle, and guess what? They interact beautifully with the moonlight! :happybounce:
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I got that bundle, too, gotta try this out!
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WOW stunningly beautiful
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Oh, that is lovely!

I wish I had the desk space for a second monitor. I actually have one -- I replaced it before I got the new computer, but it still works -- but no place to put it.
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I got lucky. The desk I got from a friend of a client could hold three 27" monitors, but I've very firmly told myself I don't need three. :laughing:
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