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Angel of Music
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Okay, yeah, this one's weird. I did it for this: Bi-Monthly Shenanigans #5: The SupernaturalCommunity Week
At projecteducate we're trying a new type of regular mini contests of sorts where we encourage you to tap into your creative juices and produce some form of art, related to a specific theme or prompt. If you have any recommendations or thoughts on types of contests or challenges you'd like to see, please let us know! The point is that these are quick little contests that also challenge your ability to produce something quickly, so don't fret, we are not expecting masterpieces that would normally take you a month or more to produce.

Produce a piece of art, whether it be a poem, a painting, a photo, a sketch, etc, that is related to the concept of the supernatural. ALL MEDIUMS ACCEPTED.
"Of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe; especially :  of or relating to God or a god, demigod, spirit, or devil."
"Departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws

So here's the story. Ages ago, in high school, I read a poem. It left me with a long lasting image of a guy tuning his guitar in a pool of light on a stage. I tried to render it when I first got into 3D, but the posing was too hard, and I gave up. But then I saw the Supernatural contest, and, well, and an Angel of Music jumped into the image. Because, like most of the rest of the world, I love the Phantom of the Opera. So... this is what happened.

And here's the poem, by the way.

The Guitarist Tunes Up

By: Frances Cornford

With what attentive courtesy he bent
Over his instrument;
Not as a lordly conqueror who could
Command both wire and wood,
But as a man with a loved woman might,
Inquiring with delight
What slight essential things she had to say
Before they started, he and she, to play. 

What's in there:
Kyle for G3M
Aaron Hair
er... clothes? no clue what he's wearing
Acoustic Guitar by Merlin
Jaguar Hair
Epic Wings for Genesis
Venetian Mask for G2F
iRadiance - HDRI Mesh Lights Volume 2 for Iray
And the rest is all Ron's stuff

Daz Studio 4.9, Iray, Photoshop CC
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mustakettu85's avatar
I'm one of those who isn't a fan of The Phantom (it's just too sad), but the image is great. And thanks for the poem! There was that lovely fantasy story about living instruments - but it's written in Russian and AFAIK only been translated to _Chinese_ not English...
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kittenwylde's avatar
kittenwylde|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Living instruments sound cool. I've seen them pop up now again in fantasy stories, but not as the star of the story.
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mustakettu85's avatar
That time they were the focal point.
Damn, the author has the story on her official website, but it's just not made for automated translation.
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JoePingleton's avatar
Pure awesomeness, great poem and love the "fractally" light effect
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kittenwylde's avatar
kittenwylde|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! And you nailed it, the glowy stuff was all done with Ron's Impressions, which were created in Apophysis, the fractal generating program. (If I remember right, anyway.)
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