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Yellowstone Biweekly I by kittensune Yellowstone Biweekly I :iconkittensune:kittensune 1 0 BCoE: Novella by kittensune BCoE: Novella :iconkittensune:kittensune 1 0 Exploring Norway by kittensune Exploring Norway :iconkittensune:kittensune 4 0 Hyacinth by kittensune Hyacinth :iconkittensune:kittensune 0 2 Freewill: Saber, Zaki + Aido by kittensune Freewill: Saber, Zaki + Aido :iconkittensune:kittensune 3 0 To Dominate Mezza by kittensune To Dominate Mezza :iconkittensune:kittensune 1 0 Through the Marshes by kittensune Through the Marshes :iconkittensune:kittensune 0 0 A Dark, Dank Cave by kittensune A Dark, Dank Cave :iconkittensune:kittensune 0 0 Korung: Aido, Saber + Zaki by kittensune Korung: Aido, Saber + Zaki :iconkittensune:kittensune 1 0 Attempting Amigurumi by kittensune Attempting Amigurumi :iconkittensune:kittensune 4 0 Tokoween Wild Taming by kittensune Tokoween Wild Taming :iconkittensune:kittensune 3 0
Geek Costume Alert
"A Tuskan Raider and bantha? Seriously?" Sherman was looking down at Nebula as the oddball was trying to get Fu to stop fidgeting. "I think she hates the extra shag. Or maybe it's the horns?"
"I know, a yeti probably would have been easier. C'mon, we're here!" Nebula laughed and waved Sherman forward to join in the festivities at the barn.
Fu leapt forward with her braying rider, those cumbersome horns wobbling like they might just fall off any moment now. She seemed to hope for it, wanting to be rid of the excessive outfit to more freely enjoy the entertainments set out at Boon's old barn. For the time being, though, everything stayed in place, however precariously.
"That's worse than X-Men, right?" Sherman looked to Mooks questioningly, self-consciously flexing his steel-chromed physique.
Mooks had no complaints, though it might be the less weighty costume he had been saddled with. A bit of blue fur paint, a pair of Tokota-sized wireframe glasses, and a crisscross of straps with a bi
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Asian Garden Collab by kittensune Asian Garden Collab :iconkittensune:kittensune 6 2 Phoenix and Dragon by kittensune Phoenix and Dragon :iconkittensune:kittensune 2 2
Spirit King Barong?
During last minute preparations, Miss Yuki twirled around, checking in the mirror that the costume was adjusted properly for the dance she was about to perform, and that everything that needed to be was secured firmly in place. It would do no good for their chances if things started to fall apart in the middle of their show. Once everything was situated to the best of her ability for her own costume, she turned to the extra shaggy Shugo she had chosen to participate in the Asian Fest activities for this year.
They only had a few short moments to ensure everything was in order before they had to go out and perform. This was only the last minute assurance to hopefully avoid the worst case scenario. A costume failure could cause one of them to stumble, get hurt or just embarrass themselves. It was really that last one that she wanted to keep from happening the most, because the first two were survivable. Being an embarrassment, on the other hand was oddly harder to cope with.
She could ha
:iconkittensune:kittensune 0 2
Across Vast Plains by kittensune Across Vast Plains :iconkittensune:kittensune 1 2


3rd Annual HP Raffle!

    The last two went so well! I decided that holding a HP Raffle would be fun and could not only help me out some, but offer some slots to those that can't necessarily afford them otherwise. 
~The Prizes~
Slots to These Tacos are up in this Raffle!

The Grand Prize. 50% Lilac Dire
up to 100 tickets in his raffle = Split Litter with POTL
200 tickets in his raffle = Full Litter
350 tickets in his raffle = 1 Full Litter each to 2 winners
Full Slots you can win!
Depending on participation more may be added

+Reversal Genobomb

+Dwarf Curly

+Razor Semi-Custom Lineage
Choice Between:
+Black Yeti
Choice between: 
+Red Pied Curly / Abandoned Long Mane
Choice between: 
:iconkaraskakalac:KaraSkakalac 8 3
Blissfully Sweet Dango 14513 by SheduMaster Blissfully Sweet Dango 14513 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 3 10 Stormy Night 16032 by SheduMaster Stormy Night 16032 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 4 10 Subversion 16852 by SheduMaster Subversion 16852 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 3 10 Templar 13924 K by SheduMaster Templar 13924 K :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 12 39 Unfortunate Souls 8672 by SheduMaster Unfortunate Souls 8672 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 2 10 Clockwork Dao 15515 by SheduMaster Clockwork Dao 15515 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 1 10 Lovejoy 17269 by SheduMaster Lovejoy 17269 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 4 10 Gossamer 17378 by SheduMaster Gossamer 17378 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 1 10 Kashmir 16831 by SheduMaster Kashmir 16831 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 2 10 Radar Love 17377 by SheduMaster Radar Love 17377 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 3 10 Deus Vult 17030 by SheduMaster Deus Vult 17030 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 3 16 Euclid 14858 by SheduMaster Euclid 14858 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 3 10
Though shedus are species created by human genious with help of genetic engineering, there is still alot of dark areas in knowledge about them. Helix labaratory scientists are considered to be best experts in shedus. And these specialists will be delighted to expand shedu knowledge base for you, if there will be enough funding provided for the research in question.
And here is the place, where you and other shedu breeders can fund the research that interests all of you.
To do so, you just need to give your voting ticket to one of the projects, that you want to see done.
You get one voting ticket per each literature or art entry that meet at least two of the next criteria:
a) Show entry
b) 600 + words
c) full body, BG, coloured & shadedAnd needs to be submitted after october 2018.
If your handler has a vet/breeder profession, they will bring you 2 tickets instead of one per each legit art\lit entry
You can also get yourself a voting ticket by buying one in Central store with RD
:iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 4 15
The 12 Days of Stryxmas

Each day, beginning on December 12th until Christmas Eve, a new Paradox Raffle Stryx will be revealed!
For 24 hours entries will be accepted to see who can catch and win the Stryx of the day!
Only ONE entry per day/per raffle/per player!
Once you win, you can not win any other raffle in this event.
Click the link and reply to the highlighted comment with "Merry Stryxmas!"

DAY ONE (won by Iindorm )
DAY TWO (won by MewW0lf)
DAY THREE (won by Nako)
DAY FOUR (won by TheUnisieppari)
DAY FIVE (won by FizzGryphon)
:iconashenantlers:ashenantlers 30 1,418
Dirty Paws 37594 by TotemSpirit Dirty Paws 37594 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 6 0



kittensune has started a donation pool!
798 / 100,000
So I might possibly be obsessing over all these breedable ARPG critter things, having points seems to make acquiring and breeding the most desirable traits much easier.

Donate if you appreciate my art! Every point is very welcome and a blessing.

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconjwiesner:
    Donated Dec 9, 2017, 10:15:50 AM


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: anytown, USA
Favourite genre of music: Music in general, though if I can dance to it, all the better
Favourite photographer: ferroelectric [heh, an LJ and RL friend]
Favourite style of art: The real stuff
Operating System: ?? Technology is evil, it hates me so.
Personal Quote: Miau
So I meant to write this up a couple days ago, but I've been a bit scattered trying to do art and shopping and such things...

New ARPG, and of course I cannot help but jump at this. They're two things I adore combined: Foxes and Dragons. How can I pass this up?


So far, it looks very interesting, though I have to admit I have only skimmed the lore and play information. Still puzzling over "enchantments". *Chuckles* In any event, I am going to give it a go! Yall should come take a gander.

Currently, as part of their grand opening, they're raffling off a curly kit [hatchling?], with what looks like rare genes? I haven't delved deep into the genetics, as well as rolling kits for sharing what we like about the group.
We're so excited to see the amount of interest and people joining our little ARPG, we're glad to have you all. This being said the lovely grand opening must come to an end soon. We will be closing the FREE random rolls on December 17th, That's Monday! At 12 PM PST.
So if you still have friends who are curious let them know we'll be closing soon for randomly rolled genotypes!
The curly raffle will start the 20th, and the Semi-Customs will close the 20th as well. Happy noodling everyone !
What's That??
Yes, hello, welcome ! We're finally open for members to begin playing in our ARPG and we're happy to see any interest in our group. To kick off our opening we will be offering hand-rolled random genotypes for any new member who helps share our little group!
Comment here!
You can play a few ways:
★ Share a journal with our group icon/journal and a bit ab


6 deviations
Like so many others, I am offering slots for doing their tests.

Basic idea is you draw the two images for an SPC [Classic or Breeders basically are the same so Korung and Working Ability are pretty open though if it absolutely needs a Classic I will try to remember mentioning it], or the PB, and then you can have a slot to that cat. I don't have very many restricted slots or extra special genes, so I'm not terribly worried about rarity of my babies at the moment. If none of these appeal, but you're interested in breeding one of my cats already available, then I will also accept art for those guys pretty much same deal, do an SPC get a slot.

I really like bald and low density, so there's a fair number of simple designs to choose from! Also, lots of lavender eyes that can pass down, and a few I think have red eyes as well! And one of the males is a yellow-eyed Lynx that ignores nPrl/nCr.

Also, most of my cats are available for tests-
Breedable Toms
Breedable Queens

And just because I'm a little psycho with haphazard organisational skills, I have even typed up a sheet with the lowest art requirements in my cattery. This is to see at a glance which cats can be given a passing score with absolute minimum effort [though obviously I don't want careless work for these]. Just have a peak here, I think I organised it from least effort down: High Lineage Scores

Need SPC:


Gilgamesh 2822 by SheduMaster  Sword of Divine Grace 11221 by SheduMaster  Fractured Saga 13599 by SheduMaster  Gamma Ray 13759 by SheduMaster  Subversion 16852 by SheduMaster  

Electrum 8318 by SheduMaster  Joyeuse 11222 by SheduMaster  he Majestic11225 by SheduMaster Charis 12458 by SheduMaster  Imperfection is Beauty 13980 by SheduMaster  Asterope 12459 by SheduMaster Shattered Epic  13661 by SheduMaster  Crown Royal 11224 by SheduMaster  Mudslide 15015 by SheduMaster  Temple Drunk 15016 by SheduMaster Lovejoy 17269 by SheduMaster 


Hirohito 9833 by SheduMaster  Royal Subtleties 11518 by SheduMaster  Chiron de Medici 13426 by SheduMaster  Mercutio de Medici 12155 by SheduMaster  Death to Spies 14191 by SheduMaster  Mortu de Medici 15374 by SheduMaster  Chuutora 11509 by SheduMaster

Subtle Rain 11519 by SheduMaster  Changchang de Medici 13427 by SheduMaster  Fuzzy Logic 14209 by SheduMaster  Prosperpine 14258 by SheduMaster So Young 15372 by SheduMaster  Kashmir 16831 by SheduMaster 


Obsidian Blade De Medici 10499 by SheduMaster  Esoteric Warrior 8661AS by SheduMaster  Arsenic and Old Lace 10079 by SheduMaster  8607 Phobetor by SheduMaster  Nasty Habits de Luna 11525 by SheduMaster  Secret Agent Man 9272 by SheduMaster Hoshi no Ryu 13842 by SheduMaster  Noboru no Ryu 13844 by SheduMaster Zoltan 14253 by SheduMaster Hint of a Miracle 10931 by SheduMaster Manfredo 13267 by SheduMaster  Archimedes 13845 by SheduMaster  Two Thousand Watts 14091 by SheduMaster Moo-Hyul 14207 by SheduMaster Florentine Stargazer 15013 by SheduMaster  Mandolorian 15258 by SheduMaster  Cocoa Jubilee 14514 by SheduMaster Tuscan Dreams 15012 by SheduMaster  Broken Blade 14855 by SheduMaster Athame 14856 by SheduMaster Epicurus 14823 by SheduMaster Xango 15324 by SheduMaster Star Spangled 15014 by SheduMaster Yellowcake 14220 by SheduMaster Steam and Mysteries 15517 by SheduMaster Steampunk Monk 15518 by SheduMaster Delirium in Flux 15317 by SheduMaster  Hwarang 15520 by SheduMaster Bronze God 16028 by SheduMaster  Masaccio 15970 by SheduMaster Houshanouu no 16448 by SheduMaster Spirit Alloy 16451 by SheduMaster  Gossamer 17378 by SheduMaster  Euclid 14858 by SheduMaster  Blissfully Sweet Dango 14513 by SheduMaster 
Kunoichi 8186 by SheduMaster Kalypso of Ogygia 8599 by SheduMaster Haunted Haven 13597 by SheduMaster Zabel 14254 by SheduMaster  Chiyako no Ryu 14121 by SheduMaster Lavish de Medici 11956 by SheduMaster Principessa de Medici 11955 by SheduMaster  Tranquility 14450 by SheduMaster Lemon Pepper 14388 by SheduMaster  Ranger 14451 by SheduMaster Maou no Komori Uta 15445 by SheduMaster  Cloudy Daydream 15513 by SheduMaster Crumble to Dust 15514 by SheduMaster Marishi-ten 15711 by SheduMaster Rusted Revolution 15473 by SheduMaster Adoration of the Magi 16452 by SheduMaster  Zest of Life 17379 by SheduMaster  Clockwork Dao 15515 by SheduMaster  Unfortunate Souls 8672 by SheduMaster  Radar Love 17377 by SheduMaster  Stormy Night 16032 by SheduMaster 



Behemoth 14364 by SheduMaster  Crystal Habit 14360 by SheduMaster Realgar 15835 by SheduMaster

Special Cases:

Yama no Kami 14189 by SheduMaster This one only need their Agility WA done, I already posted a Korung. Am still willing to offer a slot for her WA instead of both images.

Eureka 13846 by SheduMaster This one only need their WA done, I already posted a Korung. Am still willing to offer a slot for her WA instead of both images.

Deus Vult 17030 by SheduMaster Due to the high percentage of Komainu blood [64.85%], I would like his and another cat's SPC for a slot to him. Or two slots to my non-restricted cats. Planning on putting him into the Youth Korung, but I know I am slow to get art finished and that may not happen. *Chuckles*

Needs PB:

  Onryo 15009 by SheduMaster

Antimony 8934ST by SheduMaster Hanami 15010 by SheduMaster  Shiryo 15011 by SheduMaster

In Progress:

Nimue 406D by SheduMaster by Silver-Almond
Uta no Ryu 15380 by SheduMaster & Raspberry Pi 15382 by SheduMaster by OSIDUS
Ellil 8782 by SheduMaster by rosefirst
Windswept Artistry 13594 by SheduMaster Jasper 13747 by SheduMaster Quasar 11426 by SheduMaster, &  Escher 14468 by SheduMaster by DaretoDream0
Mad as a Hatter 15516 by SheduMaster by Lolagirl17
Gojira Quake by SheduMaster &  Isildur de Luna 8963 by SheduMaster by SilveringOak


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AzureGryphon Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good afternoon,
May I use my slot to Shiki Kami 14188 this season?

Thank you and have a great day,
kittensune Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed you may, thanks for the heads up. I believe this is only his second season. *Is really bad about tracking males* Just be sure to respond to the permission comment with a link to the breeding because I like to peek at cubs. *Chuckles*
AzureGryphon Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you!

I like to look at what sort of cubs come up too, so definitely.
kittensune Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Always fun to be able to see what kinds of things are resulting from a particular pair. Some day I will remember to make use of "Matching" services.
(1 Reply)
AzureGryphon Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good afternoon!

May I use my slot to Rainmaker 327D this season?

Thank you and have a great rest of the day,
kittensune Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
So sorry I didn't see this earlier. You are welcome to use your slot to him this season! Thanks for touching base on this for me.
AzureGryphon Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome, thanks!
DuxNuclear Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch! I have uploaded your secret santa present!
kittensune Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Great! Thank you, and you're very welcome. You're very skilled.
JWiesner Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2017  Professional
:iconbowingplz: Thank you so much for the +Watch! I'm glad you enjoy my art and comics.

Have a nice day! ^-^
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