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The Mane Six

By KittenSeitz
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WEll according to some users I killed the mane six, didn't realize this picture was so bad -_-

here I finished coloring this, maybe not the best but you know me, i need practice x.x

And I hope you enjoy, you pervy lil fans.

Be sure to like my facebook page, more art is posted on there then here. Previews are posted up on the page as well!
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LMAO This is a child's show, Now I'm perfectly okay with the fact that there are bronies. People create fandoms like that all the time. But the fact that you are drawing these children characters' naked. What the hell. This is disgusting.
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They should have there Cutie marks! >_<
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HO my good is perfect
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Must not late
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wow... extreme
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My Little Porno, My Little Porno, Trololololol

Seriously though, good drawing ;)
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Finally a nice picture with some class. THANK YOU for hiding the boobs and the feminine bits. It makes these pervy BOYS and Girls use their imaginations for once. They are very nicely done :) It is very tasteful and is ACTUALLY ART NOT PORN! Thank you
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This is where it's especially unfortunate that Spike isn't in the company of his friends.
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applejack said "we don't normally wear clothes"
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I sure am feeling the magic!
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naked girls yay
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:iconmehplz: Could Be Worse.There's Always Room For Improvement.Don't Blame Thyself
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:iconmlpspikeplz: This is what I see with my special,Dragon eyes.
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classy and sexy,i love it.
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This is awesome, and I love that you can't actually see any naughty bits, like some classic pinups. My only crit is that AJ's leg that she's kneeling on looks like it's detatching from her body.
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i call applejack, but this is awesome
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