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Don't Starve Meme


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Don't Starve Meme


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Hetalia Germany spinning NO NEIN Icon


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You giggle, looking at your phone. Suddenly you hear a ding, and see that someone is trolling you. carcinoGenetisis (CG) started trolling (Chumhandle) (CH) at 13:35. CG: HEY CG: I NEED YOU TO DO A FAVOR FOR ME CH: Yeah, what is it? CG: WELL, NO ONE HAS SEEN OR SPOKEN TO VRISKA IN WEEKS CG: NOT SINCE FEFERI'S WRIGGLING DAY PARTY CG: SHE HASN'T EVEN BEEN BUGGING TAVROS CH: I see. Why me? CG: UH CG: WELL CG: TRUTHFULLY, SHE'S A BITCH. I GUESS EVERYONE ELSE IS AFRAID OF HER CG: I'D GO CG: BUT I'M BUSY CH: ....uh huh. Very busy... alright, I'll go. But if I get culled, my undead corpse will feast on your flesh and find that secret of yours. CG:


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Armin x Reader One Shot

Hearing the pitter patter of little feet first thing in the morning meant one thing, your daughter had woken up and your long day began. Cuddling into the warmth of your bed, you savoured your last moment before your daughter burst through the door. "MAMA! GOOD MORNING!" You're little angel yelled on the top of her lungs as she climbed onto your bed, cuddling into the side of you. "Time to wake up sleepy head! Can we make pancakes?" Your sweet daughter gently spoke, pushing hair from your face. "Of course we can Krista. Chocolate chip?" You yawned, pulling yourself from your blankets, lifting Krista to your side and making your way down th


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Latvia x Reader - Truth or Dare

You arrived at what you believed to be your friend Ravis's house. You had a bag packed because he had invited you to sleep over at his house. You knocked on the door and a tall man with white-ish grey hair answered the door. He was really scary "H-hello. Is this where Latvia lives?" You asked Of course, not everyone knew Ravis by his human name. The tall man just smiled "Da, he does" He said "I ... I'm (Name)" You said, smiling shyly "Oh! You're here for sleep-over, da?" He asked "Yes ... a-are you sure you don't mind, mister?" You said He smiled and laughed a little "No one's ever called me "mister" before. It sounds funny ..." He sa


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Vocaloid: Twincest


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Lesbian Love

I am a girl And so are you When you kiss me I feel brand new People might stare They might get mad But they can't understand Nothing they never had My heartbeat flutters My brain is a mess I love you more everyday Not ever less I want to protect you I want you to smile I want you to know You're not a trial Without a doubt You're my mate and soul And without you I might lose control Boys want to fix me Girls only sigh But when I look at you I cannot see why They say we're the same, But we're nothing alike They label us weirdo's, Ugly, and dyke But there's a secret They do not know That our romance Is not just s


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The Talk [Jack Frost X Reader] Modern AU

Warning: Mentions and talks about sexual themes. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! You groan as you hear the alarm ring. You feel Jack's grip on you loosen as he starts to wake up. You turn to look at him and can't help but admire how soft his white hair looks when it's messy. His blue eyes look into yours. "Morning," Jack greets you. "Morning, are you ready?" you ask. "Not really but Henry probably is," he jokes as you two laugh. "He woke me up at 5:00 this morning claiming it was time for school." "I can't believe that our little boy is off to see the world without us," Jack says dramatically. "It's Kindergarten Jack," you reply. "Same thing," he

Jack Frost

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Hiccup X Reader - Words I couldn't say

“Are ya sure this is what ya want?” Gobber placed a hand on your shoulder, worry etched onto his face. “You can always stay,” Astrid took a step away from Stormfly and twords you, her expression mirroring Gobbers.” “Yeah.” You spoke quietly, gently running your hand over your unborn child. “It’s-it’s for the best.” Gobber held your gaze for a few more moments. He then looked over at Astrid and sighed. A small smile tugged at both their lips. “We’ll miss ya, ya know.” “I’ll miss you too.” You then pulled the rather robust man and skinny gi

How To Train Your Dragon

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Gravity  [Bill x Dipper]

Gravity Falls

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Fear not the Light


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Sans No


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Furries Anthros

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