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I wrote a poem,
Forever ago.
I know,
That's nothing new.
It's also not new,
That it was about you.
But this one?
This one was goodbye.
This one was my final...
It was SUPPOSED to be
My final love letter to you.
But poetry,
Never quite works out that way,
Does it?
This one was
Supposed to be
A step towards getting over you.
It was supposed to be
A promise.
To you,
To the world,
To myself.
I wrote in this letter
A due date.
I wrote that I wouldn't show it to
Until I was over you.
I thought the
Would be gone by now,
But they still linger,
Ever present.
Love for others
Has come and gone.
But for you?
My heart still aches.
I wonder
If I'll take that letter
To my grave?
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 4 6
Save My Soul
Dear soulmate:
Where are you?
I know I'm still young,
And I'm looking forward to loving you,
But I need you now.
I need your love.
Please hurry.
Before it's too late for me...
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 0 3
But You More So
Dear dove,
I found someone new.
Someone else to love.
Before I could even begin doing that,
She left.
I cared too much,
Just like I did with you.
I don't know why I'm telling you this...
Maybe to let you know that you're not alone?
That you're not the only victim of my love.
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 0 0
Who We Were
I see you across the room,
And I feel my heart fill with dread.
I'd say you're still just as beautiful, but...
We've both changed.
I may still be in love with you,
But not with who you are now.
I'm stuck in love with who you used to be.
With who we used to be.
And I think that might just hurt even more.
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 1 1
Paper Between Fingertips
I think that now
I know what love is.
It's when the chapters in your story
When there's something common among them.
The way the pages feel...
It's when you dog-ear nearly every page,
And some even stick together;
When you run your fingers over the words
Over and over again
Until the ink is faded,
Until you memorize your favorite paragraphs...
And in the end,
You'll look back,
And treasure every word.
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 0 0
Truth is
I've been in a lot of pain.
Sure, I know it could be worse,
I know I shouldn't complain,
That doesn't make it hurt any less.
They say
"Words can never hurt you,"
But that's a blatant lie.
Countries can fall at the one order of
So why shouldn't they hurt you?
They can build you up.
Like that little phrase
"I love you,"
But words,
They can break you.
Just add "don't" in the previous phrase, and...
Your world can come
Crashing down.
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 2 7
Yellow Petals
When our Valentine's
Don't love us back...
It's hard to deal
With the love in the air...
The rose was yellow,
Like happiness.
An air of that feeling
Surrounded her.
It made me glad...
That it was mine.
Glad that he
Didn't bother to give her one.
And that made me sad,
Sad that maybe I haven't moved on.
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 1 2
11 Ways of Looking at the Sun
A celestial body,
A ball of fire
The earth goes around.
The energy source
That feeds plants
And powers many things.
Something so bright
It can blind you:
Don’t stare at it too long.
One of the countless
Stars in the galaxy,
Just next to us.
A bit of heat
That warms the chill
Of a frosty morning.
It gleams light upon
Our skin,
Brightening our days.
Rays breaking through foliage:
Cutting between leaves
To pierce the forest floor.
Filtering through
A room of dust,
Showing how the particles dance.
A lit filament:
The layer of clouds
The opaque glass around it.
A whale breaching
Through the waves of clouds
As it rises.
The hope within fog,
Or a storm,
Or night.
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 1 0
You sit there,
Writing away.
Not realizing just how much you've inspired me.
How much you've healed me.
You say you don't often get to talk about your problems,
But that's what I'm here for.
When we talk,
It is a slow waltz across the dance floor.
When you smile,
It is the sun shining bright.
When you cry,
It is the Titanic sinking.
Your minor expressions...
They are the subtle changing of chords in a song.
Your sad smile,
It's the dramatic note in a soft symphony.
You are so beautiful,
A true work of art.
I love you, friend.
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 1 2
Creature in the Alleyways
Unwanted and useless,
Thrown aside like a stray.
Perhaps they're right...
Feed me attention,
I'll come crawling back for crumbs.
Beat me up,
I'll wonder what's wrong with me.
Treat me like I'm less than you,
Be sure I'll start to believe it.
I try to help,
I'm nothing but an annoyance.
Unwanted and useless,
Thrown aside like a stray.
Perhaps they're right:
Crying and broken...
Never losing hope.....
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 1 0
Fallen Angel
Her wings are broken
Upon her back.
Did I do that?
She always hides
Beneath those hats.
Did I do that?
Her beautiful hair
Cascades down her shoulders:
Hiding the fact
That her feathers are molting.
Did he ground you here?
Or did I do that?
You fell from the heavens,
Shining bright as the stars themselves.
But that look in your eyes,
Do you miss the past?
The sparkle is fading:
Did I do that?
I don't have wings.
I don't have wings,
Because I'm human.
But sometimes our outsides,
Don't match our insides.
Paint me wings.
Give them to me, allow me to fly.
You say that you are lost.
I'd fix that.
I'll take us to where we belong!
...May I do that?
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 0 0
Pink is the color you told me I wore too much, but pink is the heartwarming feeling of a smile. It's the tingling excitement you get when you hold someone's hand. It's the cute quirks that everyone has. It's soft happiness, and wonder in spring. It is the innocent playfulness of dabbing frosting on a loved one's nose. It is immense hope, faith, and belief. Pink is the part of me you hated so much. It is not the color I feel when I think of you.
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 0 0
Steve Rogers X Reader: Cats and Dogs
((A/N: I tried to make this gender neutral! I'll also try to come back and edit this, I know it's short.))
The rain pitter-pattered against you and your boyfriend's living room window. "It's raining cats and dogs out there," you said.
Steve smiled from his seat next to you on the couch. "Speaking of..." he started, looking at you. "[Name], I was thinking it would be great if we got a dog together."
Your eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Really?" you heard your voice go up a pitch. "We just moved in together."
He blushed, reaching for your hand. He held it in both of his, his gentle touch making you smile involuntarily. "Yeah, but... I've wanted one since I was a kid. A golden retriever maybe."
"You're a golden retriever," you laughed. You smirked at the way his deep blue eyes gleamed. Those puppy dog eyes of his really did hit your heart. "They're a lot of work," you said.
"Well, I mean..." he trailed off for a moment. "They're good practice. For if you ever want
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 2 0
Death In Stages by kittenroseabby Death In Stages :iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 0 0
Dolphin Documentary
I remember
When we were young.
We would argue over toys,
Because we were both so creative and stubborn.
You wanted to be a marine biologist.
I wanted to be a photographer.
I remember playing together,
Playing games on that big old rock,
Not wanting to say goodbye.
Because you were one of the few people like me.
But now you're gone.
And I'm scared to talk to you
You've changed.
You're not who you were,
And neither am I.
You hated blood
But now you want to be a nurse?
Now I'm a writer,
Still trying to see the beauty in the world,
But finding the worst.
I miss you.
But I want to remember us how we were.
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 1 0
No More
Sobs wrack my body,
For the first time in...
Real, heavy,
It feels like I just
From the inside out.
Tears stream from my eyes,
Like a river of pain,
Breaking its way out;
Forcing out loud, ugly,
My throat is so sore,
It stings;
And it feels like someone is shoving something down it,
The same way
I've been shoving my feelings down.
My walls are breaking,
And I just feel so...
I can't stand it.
"I feel so alone,"
I scream.
It hurts too much.
I just want it to stop.
I just want it all to stop...
:iconkittenroseabby:kittenroseabby 2 0


Robin Williams... by Toony-Tornado Robin Williams... :icontoony-tornado:Toony-Tornado 213 160 To:Toony-Tornado by GorgoniteGirl21 To:Toony-Tornado :icongorgonitegirl21:GorgoniteGirl21 5 7 Lowering Standards by Morloth88 Lowering Standards :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 490 469 Teacher's lounge by Morloth88 Teacher's lounge :iconmorloth88:Morloth88 460 437
A Nation Divided.
We are the United States, or so it may seem,
To the many pursuing their American dream.
The principles of freedom are at our core and at our heart.
But the freedom to be different is what keeps drifting us apart.
We spend our days divided, into groups, clichés, clusters,
That our melting pot has lost its distinct allure and luster.
And while our differences make our country a more interesting place,
It is these differences that we ourselves fail to embrace.
This country we call the land of the free
Is only so if everybody in it acts and thinks just like me.
But as we alienate another from living life a different way,
We become as distant as night is from day.
When we can celebrate our beliefs, our values, our views,
When we can celebrate America, whether we win or lose.
When we can put aside prejudice, intolerance and hate,
Only then will America truly be great. 
:iconcassiecros13:CassieCros13 35 52
Mirror by Quietreader9 Mirror :iconquietreader9:Quietreader9 2 0 Join or die2016 by kamicokrolock Join or die2016 :iconkamicokrolock:kamicokrolock 8 0
Letter to America
Dear America
To all those who are insulting the protestors, you are wrong. They are protesting Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, not because they are bored punk kids, not because they are crazy or stupid or tantruming children, but because they are scared. When Obama was elected, Republicans did not need to be frightened because they did not feel under threat. Donald Trump has used very threatening language in his campaign, which is why I was so shocked that he won. Why not go for the lesser of two evils? We are very confused.
To those who are protesting, please try not to use violence, and by the way, most of Britain is on your side. Seriously, when I went into work the day after he won, everyone was saying the world was going to end. Most of us are pretty concerned that he’s going to cause World War 3.
Yours sincerely
A scared British person
:iconrosesparrow:RoseSparrow 7 7
Good Luck, America by Kish-M Good Luck, America :iconkish-m:Kish-M 7 4 Don't Grab Me by bluewitching Don't Grab Me :iconbluewitching:bluewitching 8 15 America, Fight Your demons by Esperage America, Fight Your demons :iconesperage:Esperage 42 6 Not my president!!!! by Super-Flamin-Angel Not my president!!!! :iconsuper-flamin-angel:Super-Flamin-Angel 18 0 Policitcalamity by Sycotei-B Policitcalamity :iconsycotei-b:Sycotei-B 36 5
Its been a while...
Thoughts drift in and out
Of me and u
Hey, do you remember
That day
We walked to the Elementary School?
Where you told me all about your
Ideas for your story?
Our friendship was fresh and new
We were just dreamers
In a distant world
Our ideas were bright and silly
Laughing and flying
High on the swings.
I realize now,
That i won't be able to what's broken.
I should have given up
When i realized this
But i kept up, like a fool.
Brokken things can't be fixed.
I told you i didn't want to choose Between him and you.
I love him
I want you to realize this.
And yes i realize you
Still probably harbor affections
Towards me.
And i appolagize,
but I've told you before.
I love him,
Although I aready know your answer.
What can't be fixed,
Should just be left alone.
:iconorganization101:Organization101 1 0
Asphalt Angel by Pr3t3nd3r Asphalt Angel :iconpr3t3nd3r:Pr3t3nd3r 2,637 276

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Hey guys!

So, earlier, more towards when I created my profile, I did a journal to promote a fellow deviant. And I'm doing it again! :-)

Quietreader9 is a friend of mine, and fairly new to deviantart. She's a FANTASTIC writer, and deserves some love! So drop by her page, maybe give her some nice comments!? She has a Wattpad and stuff too, I'm just trying to get her more known on here.


In other news:
>I'm pretty sure I'm dying from a cold/allergies
>I've been obsessed with Supergirl lately
>SUPER psyched for the 4 night CW DC crossover
> And as you've probably figured out, I've had horrible writer's block for a while now. Lately I've just been writing fanfiction, but even that is slowing down, so idk what to do.



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