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Unless otherwise noted, every one of my deviations is made from photos i took myself. All of my work is copyright 2014-2017 by Kitten Diotima. All my rights are reserved.

I'd been a theatre artist before I was disabled with a traumatic brain injury and chronic headache almost ten years ago. For 15 years I worked in physical theatre, writing my own shows, and creating work in an ensemble. My parents loved visual art, so they took me to a lot of galleries and museums growing up. I took Drawing and Art History classes in school, and I've always collected art books, prints and comics. Since becoming disabled i've been doing a lot of writing, and photography. I like manipulating photographs, becoz I enjoy changing, altering and/or destroying what we view as "normal," skewing our perceptions of reality. I'm very inspired by Dada artists; I especially love Hannah Hoch's collages, which literally take apart social constructs and re-build them into something unexpected, while questioning basic gender and social dynamics. I'm also inspired by Expressionism, which is an odd combo, since Dada rebelled against Expressionism, but i love emotional sharing, i love how Kathe Kollwitz melded her emotional landscape with the outer world in a way that questioned society.
My Mother Imprisoned My Tears by KittenDiotima
I discovered Surrealism as a teen, and long ago fell in love with the work of Lee Miller and Man Ray. Lately I've been influenced by Remedios Varo, a Mystical Surrealist painter, who used art to explore not only the subconscious, but ways in which the subconscious can be used to influence the world around us; Sarah Moon, whose dreamy photographs make us look at our world in different ways; and Claude Cahun, a lesbian Surrealist writer and photographer whose self-portraits explored gender roles and gender expression as masks that can be taken on and off. And I find strange comfort and inspiration in the work of Frida Kahloe, whose chronic pain led to a deep, at times disturbing exploration of Self. As a queer, transsexual woman, i've come to see how "reality" is a social construct. We create our Selves, and are created BY our environment, piecemeal. We are born into a social, gender, religious, heteronormative world order that assumes so much, and most of us never question it - and even many who do question still look at things thru the same heteronormative viewfinder they were born into. It's difficult to grasp just how constructed our identities and culture are. As a teen, I thought I questioned everything - and for SO long i thought I understood who I was, and how society worked, only to realize in my middle age that i'd barely understood anything.
Trans Girl of Power by KittenDiotima

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Pop Shells II by KittenDiotima
To me, shells are a metaphor for the mind. The mind can be sharp, colorful, ridges defined; or worn, bleached white, hard edges softned by turmoil.
  Pop Shells by KittenDiotima
The mind can be closed or open; or part way in-between. The mind can be hard on the outside and soft on the inside. The mind can be delicious or yucky on the inside, depending on the person partaking of it. The mind can be empty. The mind can be manipulated, like this photograph - 
Shell Star MindNova by KittenDiotima - and your mind - our minds - have been manipulated since the day we were born. Since the day you were born you were told certain things - you were told there were only two sexes, that you were either a boy or a girl, that you were heterosexual, and would someday marry someone of the opposite sex, and that marriage should consist of only two people. You were told that real love lasts forever. None of these things is strictly "true" - none of these things is historically, or even presently, consistent with other cultures, nor even within our own culture.
Shell Life Still 10 - Bring Back The 60's by KittenDiotima
There are, and have been, many cultures where marriage involved more than two people - cultures that had NO concept of monogamous marriage, cultures with three or four genders. Many true loves have not been enduring. Considering there have always been intersex people, there has never been just two sexes. You were told the world was populated by heterosexuals, while it was actually first populated by bisexuals.
Shells Remembering Water by KittenDiotima
Absolutely nothing you've learned is immutable - you've been manipulated since the day you were born. Nearly everything i was taught about my Self turned out to be false. That's a very odd feeling. But thank Goddess for the internet, the Green Computer Mind, that has helped so many of us uncover buried facets of our personality. 
Green Shell Computer Mind by KittenDiotima

You are beautiful, no matter what you uncover about your Self, you are beautiful
  Shells Red Seen Thru a Glass Darkly by KittenDiotima  Shell Star Light To End Prejudice by KittenDiotima



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