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tree tattoo

tree tattoo to do tomorrow...
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Hey there Katie, love your work! I came on here to ask would it be ok if I were to use this tree design in a piece of art I'm working on, you will get full credit for the tree design and if you would rather not, I completely understand! I wanted to ask before doing anything so signed up just to ask you, my name is Lette and I would love to hear back from you, I can tag you and put the work up here when it's finished? I just think it's the perfect tree!! 😊 Thank you for your time, Lette 😊
Would it be okay if I got this tattooed on my shoulder? I know this was posted a while ago and you probably don't get on here to check, but if you do I would really love to get this as a tattoo when I come up with the money!
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i love your style I have been trying to do something similar...thanks for the inspiration!
I was also looking for a tree design for a tattoo... but it seems I would be the 100th person with it lol It's absolutely beautiful; one of the rare tree drawing that would work for a tattoo and do have leaves! I don't want a dead tree! Love it!
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i am absolutely in love with your sketch :) was looking for tree drawings for a tattoo and yours is the best so faaaaaar. i would love to get this. would you mind? :) I can send you a picture afterwards and put your reference on devianart ;)
If I could use this as a tattoo, I would definitely put it on my ribs. You mind if I use it?
Do you mind if I use this as tat?
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I love this! What type of tree is it meant to be?
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I hope you don't mind I used this picture on a photo manipulation [link]
If you don't want me to use it, I will take it down. Thank you.
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may i use this for a photomanipulation piece? this is perfect for what i'm doing ^-^
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this is absolutely amazing! Can i have permission to use it for a reference for a tattoo i might get? It wont be exactly the same, just the same concept.
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Designing a tat now for my sister, and I wanted to give you a heads up that I took some inspiration from your piece. I love the graphic nature of it! The texture is great.
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awesome! you should link me your design when it's done, i'd love to see!
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The tree looks awesome- I love the leaf colors and the curly lines on the bark.
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Wow, I have been wanting to have a tree tattoo for a couple of years now, I have a design already that I have been tweaking hoping that the tattoo artist can make it pop and finish it, this design has a very whimsical feel to it, simple in its complexity, thumbs up.
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Wicked. Would you mind if I used this to make a similar tat design for myself?
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go for it, you should show me when it's done, i'd love to see :)
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Aight thanks. I love this design. I should be going next week to get inked I'll post it up when its done and send you a message. Thanks again peace!
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i love this design!
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thanks! yeah i was pretty pleased with it :)
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That is absolutely gorgeous. I love the lines and just a touch of color. Not too much, but not bare. I love trees and this one makes me drool.
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thanks hon! we ended up doing the leaves in autumn colors, i'll post it soon :)
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