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How the boy was transformed into living Snow Leopard. Full transformation into furry animal process.

Friend of Joshua and Cheetah. He arrived from far Siberia. Furry - the Snow leopard by the name of Gabriel.
He is a student of older years. He likes parties. He lives in the apartments on 30th floor and sometimes approaches there to large windows and stretches. Light from windows twists it and outlines his silhouette. His ears and long and thick tail. He stretches and thinks that everything is very fine!
He is already rich, but feels, that has to be strong. He loves himself, but life is even more.
The stone city for him - is a game place. His past which it represents now thus. He is beautiful and isn't able to hesitate, he is clever and doesn't ask for trouble. He is - the love, but thus he is an ice and fire mix.
Photo: Andrey Samartzev
Video: Chester Cheetah
Model: Ilya "Catboy" Kot (ME)
Make-up, bodyart, idea: Bast Miriam -

Moscow, 2013
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Video from past BDSM and fetish event "Ponyplay Exhibition 2010" by Deviant C.T.. We made it in one of the most beautiful private mansions near Sevastopol, Ukraine. During the exhibition were shown a variety of BDSM practices. Such as petplay, bondage, flogging, play piercing. You can see them in our fetish video report.

Attention to the play-piercing action, arm of Masters were treated with a special antiseptic composition and carried out without gloves for better grip surface of the fingers with skin models. All models - private partners of Masters. Do not even try any of this practices without special training.

Ponyboys and ponygirls were in their image from the beginning to the end of the event.

Our contacts are in the end of our video.

P.S. Im in black latex and white feathers )
  • Reading: Petplay pron…
  • Reading: Petplay pron
My team Deviant C.T. is pleased to present you new petplay video.
Video clip prepared by the materials from our recent event "The Big Hunt". I'm in the role of the cheetah:…
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Watch it on youtube!…

Mistress: LedaSDT
Pony: me - Kittenboy :)
  • Reading: Petplay pron
It seems thats a time to make time to me the first record in this blog. And even thus that English language is sometimes given to me hardly (sorry) Id really love to tell to you, my friends, that I have created 2 new groups.



Their names speak for themselves. The first group for those who likes to accept a role of an animal or to turn someone to an animal.
The second, for those who likes to change a floor.

I wait for all in these groups. I hope that you will help me with their development and will invite in them the friends. Eventually, the more us will be, the it will be more interesting. The more than the new information we learn. The more than new acquaintances we will get!

Welcome all!

  • Listening to: Depeche Mode and Mike Shinoda - Enjoy the Silence