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Miss Cherie Gradients



Miss Cherie ~ Photoshop Gradients
*Miss Cherie Color Swatches du jour are also included in zip file

So, i was flipping through a magazine and came across an ad which really struck me- which happens a lot- i am just so drawn to beautifull imagery- sometimes i just can't take it! I want to eat it all up! Anyway, it is the new ad for Miss Dior Cherie perfume- so lovely & so charming & sweet. An exquisite example of truly capturing the essence of your product- that indescribable something dancing magically across the page. The color palette is just delicious- an interesting melange of muted neautrals n' khaki's & playful peaches n' pinks & calming blues n' lavenders, with a sudden pop of vibrant tomato-y red/orange... you must see for yourself:
CLICK: [link]

(Keep in mind that other than the issue of color calibration inconsistancys, the colors in the above link look much different, and do not speak as strongly as when the ad is viewed in person)

So needless to say, i had to in someway capture this delightful whimsy of a palette- and so you have my Miss Cherie Photoshop Gradients. I have also included Miss Cherie- Photoshop Color Swatches du jour- another way for me to give you this lovely palette.

An important note: I did not scan the magazine ad & then use a color picker, nor did i use a color picker on any version of the ad found online- i simply propped the magazine ad up in front of me, and then, using my own super keen & acurate color pickers i call my eyes, i extracted the colors in the truest sense- to me, much more accurate than any of the above alternate options, because you are getting the colors as i saw them- the way they look in the ad that i found so striking.


*If you like this palette of colors, check out my Cherie Wallpack: [link]

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