The Colors of Winter: Champagne and Ice

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There are many colors of winter, including pink snow even, but the one most think of is simply the color white.  White ... in soft woolens and cashmeres, pearls, pastillage, the furs of polar bears and ermine, beveled glass caught in just the right light, the cold glint of silver and white gold, and those little silver dragées used in cake decorating.  Here, from the Artisan Crafts gallery, is a selection highlighting artisan works in white and off-white, but also in the delicately golden color of champagne, the drink many raise to bring in the New Year.  Be forewarned though - this feature starts out very heavy on the bling!

Ivory by Opaldust:thumb69094956: Serene 2 by Laurelis
Secret Window by smilingsoul Ocean Curl Earrings by maryeb _cristal caramel charmbracelet by kitica
moonstone silver earrings by annie-jewelry Byzantine Crystal Swings by crazed-fangirl Love Forever Chinese Ring by GipsonDiamondJeweler
Polar bear hair in blue by InupiaqScrybe Polar bear ice... by InupiaqScrybe Winter Moon by Klyph
KOLCZYKI 'VIPSANIA' by bizuteria-bizu4u WISIOR 'URIEL' by bizuteria-bizu4u Silver Cross by Silverwing9960
KOLIA 'SEN SREBRNY' by bizuteria-bizu4u Laurelia by Laurelis calla l by karolina-g
:thumb45819310: The Rose Pendant by deaddamien Commision by Erevanur
Lothlorien 1 by IMNIUM:thumb98757992: Wedding Band by carpe0diem
Feather Earrings by IMNIUM ... illugi ... by kufka Stardust bracelet by Faeriedivine
Crystal Tears Art. Earrings by Theopanu Engagement 4 Ever II by UncleMou
:thumb100648695: box of rocks by opaque-designs Ornate Ring by silver-zaira
:thumb96180804: capricornus pendant by steelraven Pipe by gandolfi
nick name - 2 by cajophora To See You When I Wake Up... by LittleRedx rough 3 by noformdesign
Miriel by Ellygator backbone necklace by AKAdesign:thumb102595906:
Color Study in White by SandFibers some apple by dragonflyme Stainless steel pendant by littleredbug
:thumb67930557: Swarovski Wire by Lizzie9812 Sterling Silver Cross by NewBel
Emagine... by IMNIUM:thumb105663625: December Ring of the Month by Spexton
:thumb105950091: Golden butterfly by blackcurrantjewelry Unicorn Pendant WIP part2 by biancaneve81
Simple silver bracelet by VanaJewelry Wild Flower by VanaJewelry Necklace by kokonok
Moonstone bangle by amorfia Stardust - bridal necklace by Astukee Fantasy Sterling Headpiece by camias
Trinity by IMNIUM _Crystal clear by kitica Wedding bracelet and earrings by VanaJewelry
OBRACZKA 'JACOB'S LADDER' by bizuteria-bizu4u Laurelia by Laurelis Rose Earrings by metaltamer
Anemone Vase by JMWJewelry Ammonite Bracelet Set Closeup by JMWJewelry
Shine For Me by MagdalenaMarszalik

Sleep by ligreego Mouse Jessica 01 by alaskabody-dolls '...' by TendresChimeres
Christmas Angel - Peace by shalonpalmer White Rose pegasus pony by Woosie rabbit w. iii by da-bu-di-bu-da
hands by TendresChimeres:thumb98985476: Scribble by TroubleNight

Mature Content

Renaissance by Marina-B
My Little Princess Leia by Spippo Study in White full view by Artemisia52
My little pony Fairy - NISSA by BlackAngel-Diana Dorian White by Belilmalebridia White by dollist
:thumb50460456: white deer white winter by da-bu-di-bu-da
white by da-bu-di-bu-da about friendship and baloons by talitka fluffy by da-bu-di-bu-da

Wish Upon a Star Cake by Heidilu22:thumb78170007::thumb93337613:
Spring Roses Wedding White by ayarel Wedding cupcake 6 by see-through-silence Mad Hatter Cake by Heidilu22
Onigiri Club. by PeterPan-Syndrome Grape Stuffed Gnocchi by neongeisha White Choc Ruffles by Dragonsanddaffodils

Winter Green Man by TasteOfCrimson White bracelet by Me-Se

Mature Content

White Corset, White Skirt by AntisepticFashion

White Italian leather cuff by creativerampage Evil dude by leatheroo White riveted corset by Me-Se Another Horse hair one... by tupali

Car parts Menorah by 1fastbunny Mad Surgeon by BLOODSTORME Aprimay by whitewavejewelry
Wasabi Bowls by ou8nrtist2 Baby Teeth by exploratoryoceans Cat Whiskers by exploratoryoceans
Fish by bijoux56 Clitoris by bijoux56 Bague fleur by bijoux56
Nichrome Brigit's Cross by DonSimpson Wing Book by Wingedworchael

star of Bethlehem by liskie3100 The  Life Tree by ayhantomak shop name-'satanic alter' by 10hammers
bear carving by moonshot69 Relief 2, Hazal Kaya by ayhantomak Owl Box by random-nothings

Custom unicorn Tail and Horn by che4u Renaissance gown-detail by azdaja:thumb96698207:
Romantic Corset by Stahlrose:thumb72033287: Winter Time by petitplume
:thumb79271376::thumb100395585: Cosplay Ear Muffs by kickass-peanut
Wedding series-stencil by tracyholcomb Iole in wonderland - Lace - by seyra Lamb phone cozy by restlesswillow
Sailor Cosmos Wig - Right by gstqfashions Wings to Fly. by cupcake-rufflebutt Journal Cover by restlesswillow
:thumb97537580: Vestido medieval. by lua-media

Landscape Design - 2 by Ozlem1001 Minas Tirith 32 by Minas-Tirith-Hakan:thumb93637049:
Minas Tirith 55 by Minas-Tirith-Hakan PALACIO DE LOS DEPORTES 005 by ozwar:thumb98864989:
front door  arch by mesiasarg Tea Walk by FAiZtHuNdEr Minas Tirith 60 Special part 3 by Minas-Tirith-Hakan
Lifeguard Station by cyriael

princess bear by Neekse little white fox by Neekse Angel Moon Bun by MoonYen
Lazy Monday Bear - amigurumi by selkie lil'bunny by LoRi-La-Tortuga
Everybody Dance Rejected by jnsun Stripe kitty by httpecho Lazy Monday Bear - amigurumi by selkie
goat by vriad-lee Abominable Snow Moon Bun by MoonYen White Elephant by MoonYen
Needle felted hare by Victoria-Poloniae Winter Forest Moon Bun by MoonYen:thumb105353802:
do you miss me? by talitka dancing sheep by talitka Fleur by dollmaker88
Jerboa by WeirdBugLady teddy love by evve85