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These are works by artisans reflecting the past 232 years of the U.S.A. since its birth as a nation.  Admittedly there is a predominance here on the American west, particularly the old west, but I have had my own romance with the American west ever since I first saw those "amber waves of grain" under a peculiarly spacious, turquoise sky on a lonely highway somewhere between western Nebraska and Cheyenne.  And there, thirty years ago this month, I was first struck by the "big sky," somehow it just seems higher in the west, giving the illusion that it's bigger and more spacious.  And in those 30 years I have seen the forests and woodlands, mountains, rainforest, canyonlands, rangelands, deserts, and the Pacific Ocean; the logging and clearcutting, mining, and irrigation; the dust storms, volcanoes, and earthquakes, and all that points to the vastness and what is beautiful and not so beautiful about the American west.

All sub-galleries of the Artisan Crafts Gallery shine here in a sort of Fanfare for the Common Man with their own particular interpretation of the rugged, distinctly American beauty of items from the past to the present.  I have not focused solely on American artists because, in my opinion, that would not be in the spirit of our Independence Day.  I chose deviations instead that reflect either a "spirit of the west" or simply the joyful, artistic expression of the everyday life of the individual, the "Common Man."

Architectural Design</u>

Seashell House by sibbysibby :thumb64689056:

Culinary Arts</u>

stars n stripes cake by pinkshoegirl pumpkin carving by fishfish02 Football Cake by Meeliah

Custom Dolls</u>

Eagle Dancer MLP by Demondreamer The Trickster by IsadoraMarie :thumb76001746:

Wonder Woman by Sevenbelles            BAT Booshka by polpolina

Fiber Art</u>


Folding & Papercraft</u>

Western Pond Turtle Origami by kyokamih :thumb71932846:

Two Dollar Enterprise by orudorumagi11


Piece of Sky..sold by Chrissy-L   Jewelry Designs of Jon Palombi by jonpalombi   Spirit of the Horse by KellyMorgenJewelry

   Zephyr Locket by RedShift-4mg   Kokopelli Pendant by thenamelessthinker

Knotting & Weaving</u>

Skull and Feathers DC by wolfsax :thumb74970808:

Sleep Childe... A Catcher of Dreams by MajorTommy my purse by Fibergurl


:thumb89684629: :thumb84181885:

spur strap by sequoyagurl988 Baby cowboy hat by Lluhnij


Metal Work</u>

:thumb58495068: Native Spirit by BLOODSTORME

Mature Content

engraver art guns 37 by engraver


beaded for sky by bidahbon bustle by ratzs Eagle Ghourd by godzillasmash

Sculpture & Glass</u>

Horsehair Pots by bonniethepotter Bear Landscape 2 by birthmark1

Beaver by tzum :thumb69202243:


Western steampunk skirt 2 by FrockTarts :thumb77264311: Live Fast, Die Young by missjesswinkwink

GRILL by loveandasandwich Gyger- Mustang Plush by AnimalArtKingdom


log work,round notch by jakepog Entrance Door to Barrel Vault by ou8nrtist2 DREAM by 44NATHAN

Eagle Boy Box by Gishkishenh Slat Settle:daybed-w-cushion by DryadStudios framed Grueby tiles by danwalters

7 in 1 Pot Native Archeology by woodizgood
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eirenealetheia's avatar
Thank you again for featuring my belt. :)
cara101080's avatar
So many nice and works!
Thank you for the feature and inspiration!! I never thought that my work would fit so well in this spirit - but it does!
birthmark1's avatar
HI, Thank you for the feature..!!!!!
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
Was my pleasure. :nod:
nice article thanks for choosing my harley pumpkin!
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
You're welcome ... it was a surprise coming across your Harley pumpkin so I was very glad to see it and then be able to use it!
DryadStudios's avatar
Thank you very much for this unique feature with our work! :bow:
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
Thankyou for making finely crafted furniture!
AnimalArtKingdom's avatar
Thank you for my feature :D

What lovely artworks everyone!
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
I am glad you are pleased. :aww:
2dazed's avatar
Very nicely done article Christine! :clap: You're pretty good at this GD thing. Lol!

I'm very honored you included me in on this great tribute, & with all these stunning pieces too!

Thanks for thinking of me. ;) :hug:
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
You're welcome! I agree, they are stunning. :nod:
FrockTarts's avatar
Wow, thanks for adding me to this group of wounderful Deviants work!
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
You're very welcome!
orudorumagi11's avatar
Thank you for the feature!
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
It was my pleasure. :nod:
Qarrezel's avatar
Thanks so much for featuring me here! I really like this selection.
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
You're welcome and I'm glad you like it. I was amazed at all the wonderful works I found.
skifi's avatar
Happy independence and everything! ;D
Kitten-of-Woe's avatar
I live in a windy mountain valley town so fireworks are illegal here for obvious reasons ... said while the sound of fireworks are all around me as I'm typing this, mmhmmm.
skifi's avatar
Maybe not too many people respect the rules ;3
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I love your icon!!! a brown sleepy unico!! so cute!!:heart:
skifi's avatar
skifized by *redkam ;D
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