Artisans and Functional Art - April 2009
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:star: Featuring Fine Workmanship by Artisans :star:

This is the third in a new series featuring art by members of the Artisan Crafts gallery that I feature daily in one of my journal modules.  I add one each day and each is featured for 48 hours and then all are featured at the beginning of the next month as a group.  These artisan works are found through my casual browsing and they could be very recently uploaded or they could be older works.  They could have been made by very well-known artisans, by someone as yet unknown, or by someone very new to dA.  They are random finds, so one gallery might be represented more than another and one artist might get featured more than once in the same month.  My picks are totally random finds and that which struck me as something wonderful... I hope you think so, too, and that you enjoy this new series!

Smoky Quartz Pendant and From the Nest: Quail IV by Jayna496  (Jewelry)
A sterling silver pendant with three tube-set smokey quartzes, ranging in color from light to whiskey to very dark.  This artist is a real find, one whom I had not seen before, so I am including two of her jewelry pieces because I feel her skills as a silversmith deserve more attention.  The other piece is a trio of gemstones (peridot, blue topaz, amethyst), all faceted and tube-set in sterling silver and the rest of the necklace is sterling silver and 24 karat gold.     
Smoky Quartz Pendant by Jayna496 From the Nest: Quail IV by Jayna496

Quilt 019 by entanglement  (Quilting)
This is a quilt square and is only a 3" (7.5mm) square.  Each one is painted with fabric paints and inks and the artist said that it will take 450 of these panels to make a complete quilt.   
Quilt 019 by entanglement

Mucha Window by Avogel57  (Sculpture and Glass > Stained Glass)
A stained glass window that was a collaboration between the deviant and his parents of a reproduction of Alphonse Mucha's Evening Reflection.  
Mucha Window by Avogel57

In My Treehouse... TShirt by Wolffboy   (Designs & Interfaces > Fashion > T-Shirt Graphics)
From the Designs & Interfaces gallery, a t-shirt design that if it could be made, I'd buy it in a heartbeat because this is the most beautiful t-shirt design I have ever seen!

Elemental Air, Elemental Fire,  Elemental Earth, and Elemental Water</i>  by beadg1rl   (Knottings & Weavings)
beadg1rl got a DD last year for the first one (Elemental Air) and I wanted to show it along with its completed complements, Fire, Earth and Water to show the extraordinary contrasts in colors.  She estimates that it takes about 80 to 90 hours to complete each panel.  
Elemental Air by beadg1rl Elemental Fire by beadg1rl
Elemental Earth by beadg1rl Elemental Water by beadg1rl

bespoke shoe top by jstshrtoffrevr   (Leatherwork)
Having had some experience myself with using shoe lasts, lasting handtools, and machines, I know that it isn't easy to build footwear from start to finish, but it is also an intriguing and rewarding field to get into.  The shoe here is everything anyone needs in a shoe, but nicely pared down to the barest of essentials.  Very sleek, chic, and nicely done for one's first try.     
bespoke shoe top by jstshrtoffrevr

Eirwen and Wing Tutorial</i> by  fairiesnest  (Custom Dolls & Resources > Tutorials)
Eirwen, the enchanting silver and white Fairy Queen of Winter.  Dolls this size take fairiesnest about 50 hours to make.  To learn more about this artist and her dollmaking skills, read inchworm's  Interview with Artisan Fairiesnest</u>.  In January I saw her post a link to her Wing Tutorial</u> on her blog and I asked her if she would upload it to dA.   I don't know much about dollmaking, but her tutorial was so easy to follow, I was convinced that even I could make a pair of wings!  Finally, in early April I asked her again if she would submit this tutorial to dA and I can tell you that it is a very fine resource to have available on dA!
Eirwen by fairiesnest Wing Tutorial by fairiesnest

The White Rabbit</i> by Akusesu  (Costumes)
Everything this capable and engaging artist does never ceases to enchant me and she never fails to hold my interest and respect for her skills.  Another view of this cosplay is her It is Time</u>, but it is her I'm Late - I'm Late</u> that if you read her artist comments, I promise that you'll be charmed with all the trouble and silliness that she and her friends had to go through to get this photoshoot done.  
The White Rabbit by Akusesu

Unicorn purifies the stream. by tursiart  (Sculpture & Glass)
A collaboration between the artist and her father.   Based on the Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries, the Cloisters, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.  
Unicorn at Fountain by tursiart

Blue Moon Nightstand</i> by DryadStudios  (Woodworking)
An end table made from ash.  The blue color is from indigo stain and brown glaze.  The beautiful variegated pattern in the blue color can really be seen in its companion piece,  the Full-Moon Blue Bed</u>.
Blue Moon Nightstand by DryadStudios

Crystalline Glaze Violet 1</i> by Jess-Wiseman  (Sculpture & Glass > Pots & Vases)
"Wiseman Ceramics focuses on decorative porcelain art created from wheel thrown, lathed, & hand-altered clay, fused with macro crystalline glazes, metallic luster, & glass enamel.  All of my glazes are produced here in the studio using individual ingredients.  Of all that ceramic art encompasses, it is the chemistry of the glaze that calls to me the most.  Glass is categorized by the existence or absence of an intricate array known as a lattice structure. When melted and cooled rapidly, glass has little chance to revert to a crystalline state, thereby appearing clear or translucent. If cooled slowly, crystalline structures can fill the entire matrix.  Understanding this, macro-crystalline glazed ceramic art is a conscious directing of a natural tendency, with a focus on the balance available in designing and sustaining the right environment."
Crystalline Glaze Violet 1 by Jess-Wiseman

Sephiroth and The Man with no Name</i>  by BishonenHouse   (Custom Dolls)
The first thumb is a masterful sculpt based on the Advent Children version of Sephiroth and with custom armor.  I picked the second thumb because I was especially struck by the doll's face and how everything about it makes you want to linger and marvel at this doll artist's skills.  BishonenHouse was at the International Doll Exposition in Orlando, Florida earlier this year and was also interviewed in the February issue of Dolls Magazine.  To learn more about this extraordinary dollmaker, you can read Myana's Artisan Crafts interview with BishonenHouse</u>.
Sephiroth 2.0 by BishonenHouse The Man with no Name by BishonenHouse

Baroque cross 7 and Lord Eggbert</b> by Azach  (Jewelry and Metalwork)
The cross was modeled after a cross in a museum and is 11.5 cm x 5.5 cm (about 4⅝" by 2⅛").  In oxidized sterling silver with pearls and partially soldered.  "Lord Eggbert" is an egg cup made of argentum silver and copper that was heat treated to produce the colors.  His "hat" is removable, turning him into an eggcup, and it is made from a bit of felt.  In his hands he is holding a zircon.  A very distinguished eggcup, indeed.
Baroque cross 7 by Azach Lord Eggbert by Azach

Kiri-e Japanese Paper Cutting by Go-Trespassing  (Folding & Papercraft)
A papercutting with the design cut out of a sheet of black paper and with a white sheet of paper laid behind it.  
Kiri-e Japanese Paper Cutting by Go-Trespassing

Forest Mushroom Box by sunhawk  (Sculpture & Glass)
Sculpted polymer clay relief applied to the top of a wooden box.  Very nice in fullview to see all the detail and the pretty water on the right.
Forest Mushroom Box by sunhawk

Front View Hamster Plush by Jarahamee  (Plushies)
This artist had no plushie-making experience before making this one, in fact, he didn't even know how to sew.  Jarahamee totally winged it making this plushie, from its design to the actual construction.  I would have never known that if he hadn't mentioned it!
Front View Hamster Plush by Jarahamee   

The Matrix Has You by talyra  (Jewelry)
A choker necklace using a circuit board from an old 35mm camera as the center piece.  The trailing bead fringe mimics the data stream of the computer screens in the Matrix.  Recycled bugle beads were used in the "arrow" motif and the artist regrets that the lines look "wonky."  Thing is though, machine-stitched parallel lines used along edges on suits by none other than even Chanel were not perfectly parallel by any means, even though to stitch parallel lines by machine is far easier than to stitch lines by hand, such as in this design.  I don't think it detracts at all from this design.  
The Matrix Has You by talyra

Art Yarn - MuskTang by OoO----MEHRA----OoO  (Fiber Art)
A very unusual novelty yarn spun from Merino wool, recycled sari silk, and beaded embellishments.  Hand-dyed in soft, lovely colors, in fact, all the needlefelted figures and art yarns hand-spun by this artist are hand-dyed in the most appealing colors imaginable, many of them with intriguing charms, beads, and bells spun into the yarns.
Art Yarn - MuskTang by OoO----MEHRA----OoO

Omelet in a Bag by JitterBugBark  (Culinary Arts > Main Dishes)
Well, this is just too easy to have a home-cooked meal even if you're away from home and out camping somewhere.  I love the idea and definitely want to try this one out sometime.   

Studio 1: Rose Holder_view 3 and Studio 1: Rose Holder Project </b>by TylerGarrison  (Woodworking)
This is a clever flower arranging method in which the rose is threaded not only in three boxes, but as you can see in the second thumb, the boxes can be turned to any angle you want.  Made of maple wood and finished with clear gel varnish.  About 12" high and each box is about 4" wide x 2" deep.  
Studio 1: Rose Holder_view 3 by TylerGarrison   Studio 1: Rose Holder Project by TylerGarrison

Dear Deer shoes by kittyvane  (Miscellaneous)
Before I joined dA, this was one of the first deviations I ever saw on this site and it's one of the few that made me think, hmmm, very out of the box thinking here... how deviant!
Dear Deer shoes by kittyvane

Didly by clearkid  (Plushies)
Have you ever seen an armadillo plushie before?  Neither have I!  And, this one doesn't have a pattern so the artist made the design up as she crocheted it.  Here is also a hamster hat and you might not have ever seen one of those before either!  If you want to see more cute and nicely made hats, she has plenty more in her gallery.  
Didly by clearkid Hamster Hat by clearkid
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awesome =D
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jstshrtoffrevr Interface Designer
yer really flattered to get the mention in your post, um thanks.

wasn't really my first shoe i made but the first i wanted to put up on DA
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Thank you so much for including us in this gorgeous roster of crafts! :glomp:
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Thank you!!! :worship: :blackrose:
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Nice to see more real-world art on display.

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I'm sorry but someone needs to say this to you guys so you can get better, there is absolutely nothing here worth mentioning.
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These are fantastic, great descriptions and thanks so much for featuring my Forest Mushroom box!! :D :heart: :hug:
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wahhh ty so much once again!! <33 :)
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Ooooh! Thanks for the feature! :hug: Fantastic collection!
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*fairiesnest wing tutorial is made of win. I have used it and it so easy to follow.
I'm glad you mentioned it because it is a fabolous resource.

you also picked other wonderful artisans.
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Thanks again for the feature! :)

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Holy cow. A whole heap of incredible talent from the four corners of the Gallery, and... little old me. I'm honoured to be tucked in amongst these guys. Thankyou.
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This is a great way for me to see new artists from the Artisans gallery. Thanks!
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Thank you for bringing to light some truly amazing works of function and beauty. :heart:
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Thank you so much for including me with these amazing artists...I'm a bit overwhelmed! :hug:
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Im incredibly flattered to have my work featured along with so many amazing artists,... Thank you so much! :-)
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Thank you so much for the feature!!! There is so much amazing work here :heart:
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Thank you so much for featuring me. I consider it entirely possible to learn how to sew and make plush sculptures from scratch with enough determination, and an eye for three dimensions.
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I love these so much!
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