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Tutorial: Human Figure

By kitten-chan
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Finally as promised~ A New tutorial~ Feel free to ask any questions and i'll get back to you with the answers ASAP!

Hope this one is helpful!

[link] Hand Tutorial
[link] Foot Tutorial

Sorry in advance for typos~
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How do i watch it duh i can only access the first page i dont get this app
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
Thanks for posting this.  I look forward to using it.
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Super helpful tutorial, thank you very much :)
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Thank You so much!
Reelsteal's avatar
Do you have one for bodies i can't find it
kysl7777's avatar
It won't load... .___.
kysl7777's avatar
Nm! The people in the comments are nice and smart!!! Also, this is a great tutorial! I hope to see more! This will help me a lot~
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Thank you so much for this!!! It's really helpful!! c:
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Hey :) Thanks so much for your tutorials, it helps a lot and I'm currently working on it !  the-stain-girl.devianta…
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These are all so helpful!! Thank you :)
MisoSanSoup's avatar
thank you very much, it was very helpful c:
tolkienandtea's avatar
How do your tutorials work?? I can't click on them
MisoSanSoup's avatar
click on Download in the upper right corner, a new window will pop up with the tutorial ^^
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I figured I should share the wealth
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Many, many thanks!!
I really need this! :D
goRillA-iNK's avatar
Where's the rest of the tutorial?
All I can see is one page, one JPG image.
Am I missing something?
Essanamy's avatar
Me too :(
Is there any link?
summersong101's avatar
You need to download the image to see da tutorial
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