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Teahouse: I Hate You

By kitten-chan
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...No seriously...I really REALLY hate you D<

Axis and Rhys from Teahouse Webcomic

[link] <- Go read if you arent already <3

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fantasyangel219's avatar
Rhys always gets axis name wrong lol XD
Annekochan's avatar
we know...we all know so...NOW KISS!!!! XD
chronoofdarkness's avatar
Teahouse fanart! That's awesome!
Oximore's avatar
those two have such a great dynamic!
Imbricated's avatar
Silly Axis... you won't get it, no matter how much you growl... >__>;;
I am an addict for this pair.

Randomly found this while searching through google XD... Love it.
kalamitee's avatar
I love their relationship. I really think Rhys gets off on the disrespect! This looks amazing! Great colors and poses. ^^
Myo-Un's avatar
lolz oh my god never expected your picture to fit so perfectly with them lolz
t-as-in-pterodactyl's avatar
Haha, this is perfect for the two of them. I like the safety pins holding Axis's sleeve to his shirt. Great work!
BiHetHo's avatar
lawl. smexy =3 *goes to read now*
AkirasGaarathichian's avatar
wth...? wow ironic how i just found smackjeeves recently :0 You are amazing :3
sarani-chan's avatar
i love your icon:D
Great, now I'm hooked on this comic! >.< Whyyyyy!? Like I didn't have enough webcomics to obsessively follow.

...Oh man it's soooo good though! I'm hooked, for real!
tsu-nami-love's avatar
interesting! XD
Tasan's avatar
OMG I love this webcomic! The updates can not come fast enough! lol. You draw them both beautifully!!
Krystalline-Rain's avatar
I'm reading this webcomic now thanks to it. *A*

And about your drawing, it's amazing~! It's perfect. ;D
Phantom-Nightwing's avatar
hehe. Can definitely see this being the case with those two.
DantexVergil's avatar
Axis reminds me of Reno, but with a bad attitude and no funny bone.
Instant-rhapsody's avatar
These two really crack me up. God I love how you shaded it and their positioning on the couch. :heart:
stuffdotcom's avatar
I Hate You ... so much Im gonna er... make out with you without your permission! mwahahah!
Not if I do you first!

This is gorgeous, I'm gonna go read. love the couch btw (not to mention the occupants)
kitten-chan's avatar
LOL you dirt bird.

Enjoy it!
stuffdotcom's avatar
you expected less! shall do^^
sarehptar's avatar
Ha ha, I love Axis. He's so much funnn~! :heart:

Really, the whole comic is love.

As is this perfect. It's really a perfect depiction of them.
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