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Overall I'm super proud of this. The fire and sun came out cool, and the hair came out really pretty. Even though it took me ages to do the flats and color the lineart for. The lighting was a ton of fun to do as well.

I kind of have this head canon that Celestia special talent isn't the sun. She IS the sun, like the sun in a physical form. She can't really handle stuff herself because if she dies, that's gonna put out the sun and that's bad for everyone. This is also why she's long lived, it takes a VERY long time for the sun to burn out.

Fausticorn: [link]
Luna: [link]
Nightmare Moon: [link]
Twilight: [link]
Chrysalis: [link]
Cadance: [link]
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I am using your artwork in a YouTube video that combines, "Lullaby for a Princess," "Luna's Reply," and "Luna's Soliloquy" into the first Lullaby for a Princess Trio.

I have given you credit alongside the many other artists who are featured in the video. I do not intend to make money with your hard work. Please let me know if I have not given you enough credit or if you notice something I could improve.

Okay, I would add a link, but it seems to trigger a spam alert. OMG! 
Just type in, "Lullaby for a Princess Trio" in YouTube, and you'll find the video there.
Hope you enjoy! Singing