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....and then he crashed through the opposite windows and Derpy was left sitting there very confused.

Last up in my 'lolita' inspired series featuring background pony couples. First time trying something so dynamic. I certainly learned a TON doing this picture though. There are of course probably lots wrong with this but I'm still quite proud. This series has definitely taught me a lot about making backgrounds and setting up scenes so for that I am very happy.

Octavia and Vinyl: [link]
Lyra and Bon Bon: [link]
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Seeing as how I never saw "Doctor Who", I won't be able to relate to the "subtle" reference to the show in this pic, thus some of the things below might be a tad off... plus, I haven't critiqued anything in weeks (which is months in pony years <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>), so bare with me <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)"/>

Being familiar with your Lolita series, I do have a point of reference for this piece and, while not knowing "Doctor Who", I must say this seems the least suitable of the three; while the previous works very clearly played on romance, one doesn't get that vibe from this pic - it's much too dynamic for that. This could, of course, be your aim, but then one wonders why "bother" with a pair for it.
Ironic part is, this is the only pair that actually incorporates ponies of different gender (granted, with her voice and all, Derpy always seemed more male then female to me), which is likely the most suitable setting for extracting romance.

On the other hand this does take the recipant, who saw the earlier two pics, by surprise, furthering the dynamics - you expected serenity and calm, yet you get Whooves crashing through the walls with rumble flying everywhere. The scene itself has some familarity to it (though the details differs) and yet makes one wide his eyes at the first glance.
Playing on known concepts, it (maybe surprisingly) managed to grasp a piece of individuality, that distinguishes it from the crowd.

The technique is a little bizarre - while generally smooth, Derpy's coat is visibly "messy" at the hooves, like it came from a different place then the rest of the piece. On the other hand, such details play homage to the overall "random" feeling of this work - a princess and a telephone booth crashing through the wall... the simple and yet strange strained glass that hides the windows... Derpy herself with her apparition... all this make pieces of a whole that makes sense... by not making it! It is very intriguing to achieve that without the use of absraction.

The impact of the pic is slightly lessen by the empty space between Derpy and Whooves - a great deal of stillness in a dynamic work always leaves the recipant a place of calm, allowing him to "escape" from all the action.
The tardis however plays its part splendidly; crashing through the wall it instantly brings the viewer's attention to itself, hinting he should expect dynamism. The rumble from the blast further spreads the motion, gaining inch after inch.
I'm most impressed with how you managed to handle Derpy's expression - with her sight disposition, I notice that fandom (in most cases) has extreme trouble giving her face intended emotion, but here you did so very nicely - her left eye, in tandem with the mouth, clearly shows surprise, while the right pupil gives an impression of anger; Whooves did crash through HER wall.
The good doctor himself is not left beholden as he shows fear about his approaching landing, while remaining a gentleman and reaching for his hat to greet a lady. Simple details, that add spice to the piece, strengthening the unique vibe this pic, as a whole, sends out.

Overall I have mixed feelings concerning this piece; on one hand you get a very unusual, almost hypnotizing, parts in a chaotic whole... and yet, there's always that feeling that it disregards the earlier installments of the Lolita series. This, of course, may be my lack of knowledge about "Doctor Who" speaking, so be adviced this is written from a lyman's point of view.
Certainly I did not expect this and, for one, it's always nice to get surprised by art, which usually follows known schemes these days.