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Cutie Pie

Pinkie Pie being super adorable.
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MLPegasis4898's avatar
She sure is a cutie! :aww: :aww: :aww:
Northwestcore's avatar
That truly is adorable. :D
I like it. 8)
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
Ah I drew something similar in my scraps a while back XD ( [link] ) this pose suits Pinkie so well don't you think? Even though she's not Fluttershy she can be adorable:D
KittehKatBar's avatar
Wow your pony stuff is very cute! You should totally do more of it, I love seeing more realistic takes on ponies. Your other stuff is great too. :)
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
;v;...ohmygosh thank you so much for such sweet words! yup, I'll sure draw more pony stuff once I have more time, you can never have too much ponies in your gallery♥
KittehKatBar's avatar
You're welcome~ and if you do, be sure to submit them to some of the big pony groups. I bet they'd love them as much as I do! :hug:
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
:hug: thank you for the advice and all the sweet compliments, well then let's meet again sometime in one of these groups with some amazing pony art :D
KittehKatBar's avatar
Yup! I usually submit to like 10 groups when I submit stuff, you can check out what pony groups I'm in on my wall too. You should find some big groups for your regular stuff too, hard to believe you have so few watchers!
CigarsCigarettes's avatar
Yup, I'll do that, I haven't been doing a very good job in self promo, but I'll get ahold of it once I'm of my hiatus. Art won't submit itself for me.
And yeah, I'll actually take a look at the pony groups you're in right now:)
KG-Eisentraum's avatar
You make the cutest pony all around the internets.
HamaTTe's avatar
MrSushibomber100's avatar
Can you make the same picture with Surprise, Please? O.O
opus-13's avatar
Such a cute Pinkie. :D Great work on her mane. It looks like a lot to keep track of.
Bunnairry's avatar
Wow, very nice~!
Sassycat2's avatar
Super adorable :D
The-Unknown-Artist26's avatar
I must ask, Is doing Pinkie Pie's mane difficult to do?

:iconcutenessoverloadplz: ERMAHGERD! *explodes from adorableness.
KittehKatBar's avatar
Once you get curls down it's not too difficult. I still find them a bit tricky actually lol. I drawing lots short curls easier than a longer curly piece, like the tail.
soarinbolt's avatar
Very unique, very adorable^^
DemonPanther's avatar
Super adorable, indeed she is!
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