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Baby Applejack

Tried out a new technique for the grass... AGAIN. I'm trying to find a way that's fast and look's good. @ . @

Fluttershy: [link]
Pinkie: [link]
Twilight: [link]
Rainbow Dash: [link]
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Daaww, this is so adorable.  Well done.  :+favlove:
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hc rvektcevhkblrlj,zxchikhk I can't wait for rarity >w<
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Baby pic of Rarity? :)
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I second this notion!
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pics is awesome
thefan2's avatar
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Your ponies are the poniest ponies of all!
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Too adorable.
It really looks like that grass took a long time to make.
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DAWW~ I think I just died of cuteness.
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Om Nom Nom~~ Apples~~!
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Awwww... now I'm suddenly reminded of Ice Age 3 for some strange reason! :aww:
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Jesus Christ this is the cutest thing I have ever seen oh my God.
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Aww, so cute I want to squeeze her cheeks.
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"I'm Applejack. More apper fwitters?"
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I love how you can go from a totally sexy hottie to a tiny adorable baby from one art to the next.
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Looks like she saw Little Mac stomping on grapes to make juice, so she thought apple juice was made the same way.
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shared on :iconalicornradio: 's twitter [link]
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Very cute. The grass did come out right!
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What an adorable face, I just wanna schnuggggggle it so much oUo I love how realistic the grass blades look, but it kind of lacks shading around the bucket.
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D'aaawww! I just want to squeeze her, she's so adorable! :heart: X'>
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