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After seeing a million of these on Facebook, I made this one. I am not an archaeologist nor did I graduate with the major, I graduated with Anthropology so I've taken many classes. Whenever I tell people I'm an Anthropology major, I get asked if I dig up dinosaurs or if I've gone on a dig in Egypt lately. -_- And my grandmom always asks if I've looked at the non-existing jobs at the back of the National Geographic magazine... Sorry I am not too talented with Paint/memes. This was just for fun.

BTW.. Anthropology- Study of human culture, biological characteristics (also human evolution), material culture (archaeology) and linguistics (And things relating to this stuff).

Archaeology is a subfield (in the US, it isn't in Europe). The study of human society through artefacts and whathaveyou. Not the study of fossils.

Palaeontology is the study of dinosaurs/remains of creatures from a long time ago. Palaeontology is not related to Archaeology for one reason...
Humans and dinosaurs didn't exist at the same time. (There are a few exceptions to this.)
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As an aspiring archaeologist with a famous Palaeontological father, I can confirm that this is 100% accurate.