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Daario Naharis Portrait

By Kittanee
In honor of the Stormcrow mercenary captain Daario making his appearance in the Game of Thrones t.v. show, I decided to draw a portrait of him according to his book description. I tried to make him roguishly attractive in spite of his clownish hair and clothing.
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This how I picture Darrio. I will never understand what book Dany see in him. Just look at him! He looks like the biggest asshole in the world. 
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It's a perfect reconstruction of the book's description. When Dany started having a crush on him I just couldn't believe it haha

Plus, he's only "young and handsome" in the series, besides being having brown hair and no beard at all. In the books, I don't even remember if he's mentioned to be young.
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Thank you very much for your comment. I'm still trying to wrap my head around book Dany being attracted to his looks. Obviously the show runners thought it would be too hard for viewers to see him like this. :B
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hahahahahaha, what da heck???.

He is not Henry Morgan or Henry the VIII...

This pic is bad.
Daario is young and handsome
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not really, I think it portrays him well.
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You read Martin's description of him and draw something better then.
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