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Hinata Road to Ninja Outfit

I line arted and colored it.

Consider my hand dead.

But omfg I can't wait to see how Hinata acts lol this movie will be great.
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Omg I wanna know when this movie is going to come
Out I wanna see it!!!!
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It's already out with English subtitles, silly :D!

If you want to watch the English dub, first off, BOOOOO lol.

Second, that probably will not be out for quite some time!
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i cant wait either!i wonder if she'll be a badass hinata.if she does im going to laugh!
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in the movie hinata is gonna be flirting with naruto kishimoto has finally answered our prayers, maybe hinata will finally kiss naruto!
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but.....why is she so aggressive?....i mean..she always faint :|
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She kinda reminds me of Tsunade O.o
I like hinata...but i this movie she looks like a bitch....
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i used this. i am sorry i hope its ok. at the time i couldnt find out who colored it. if you want me to i can take it off.

here is a link. [link]
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uhm... it's alright ^^;;

just link me back onto it, now that you found it. :)
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ok thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i have so many mixed emotions
Though she's more wild and confident and sexy, it's been confirmed she's in love with Naruto as much as before only more flirty and confident. I hope we'll see her act kinda like her shy self and not mean or agressive (at least too much).
ChileFantasy's avatar
Kishimoto says Hinata still loves Naruto but shes Aggressive about it...Cant wait to see the movie!. And i cant wait to see how they will act and all the other stuff.. =3
kitt0hokage's avatar
yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss suhsuhsuhsushs lospde ;p
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what will be the name of this movie, please?
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Road to Ninja :). It comes out in Japan this month.
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I must see this, Hinata is my favorite character, so it would be nice to see her dynamic!!!
kitt0hokage's avatar
Yess :)! Can't wait. ^^
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wow i wish she would be like that. :)
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She will in the movie lol.
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cool what there's a movie
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Uhm yes. This drawing was done by Kishimoto and I just linearted and colored it :).

The movie will be called Road to Ninja.

Here's a link to a trailer: [link]

Everyone is from like an alternate universe (meaning they're opposite). Naruto will have his parents back, Sasuke flirts with Sakura, Kiba likes cats, Neji's a perv, and Hinata is spunky.. :P
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