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Eye-makeup Tutorial - Pretty Boy

....Finally put this together.

As requested, a tutorial for the basic eye makeup I use for male characters....I usually build on this or alter it depending on the specific character.

Also, please note that I have a single eyelid (or rather, not even completely single - those weird eyelids that need to make up their minds on whether they are single or double...) so this will work differently with my eyes as compared to other eye shapes.

....and as warned, I suck at making tutorials. Hope this is of SOME help @@

For those who care, this makeup was used for this:
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Thanks for making this ^-^
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Wow this helps a lot I have never put makeup on myself now that I'm going to cosplay a Kitsune i need to figure it out. do you have a Kitsune makeup tutorial by chance?
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thanks so much i finally know how to look really guy xD
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this tutorial is FANTAsTIC! although if anyone with double eyelids is reading this (if they even care) then instead of making your own crease, just plop the eyeshadow into the crease :3

you guys probably already figured that (-.-);
anywho, i have a double eyelid and this makeup worked on my eyes :)
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oh good, I figured that was the case but it's nice to have it confirmed.
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tries it as a guy..... fails
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This is a fantastic tutorial. I love it! I will certainly have to use this for my up and coming cosplay
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wow! I do not like it because i L.O.V.E IT! I LLOOOVVVEEEE IITTT!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! AND I LOVE YOUR EYES TOO!!!!! They are adorable! :D X333333 <3
are you using doll eyes? and what brand is it? :< I really love them <3 ><
kitsunesqueak's avatar
Thank you~
The lenses are not dolly lenses but normal color lenses. The brand is Camax and I bought them in Taiwan~
nataliarjp02's avatar
oh I see~ :D awesome ^^
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Looks great, what contacts are you wearing?
kitsunesqueak's avatar
camax lens! thanks~
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Very beautiful! ^_^
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So Glad I found this deviation !! I'm also 'single" eyelided thanks for this tutorial
pandagirl7084's avatar
*dances around* finally someone with almost the same eye as me one ;w;/ okay i have smaller =,= but~~THIS IS PERFECT!!8D thank you so much!!
heulangel's avatar
QUESTION - my eyeliner tends to get smeary HOW TO FIX ;A;
azuritecat's avatar
Wow...It's encouraging to know that single eye lidded people like me can apply that make up~ I've always thought my eyes are too dull....TT^TT Thanks for the tutorial, by the way~~ >w<
KuroiTaiyou's avatar
Fantastic tutorial and I looove the effect at the end. Such pretty eyes~ :heart:

If you don't mind, I'd like your opinion... I'm going to be cosplaying Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. Would you suggest I go for this kind of look for him?
kitsunesqueak's avatar
I personally would (with some alterations), but in the end it all depends on the overall effect on each person. Sorry for the vague answer @@ but it's really so open-ended....
KuroiTaiyou's avatar
It's true. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. :3
kitsunesqueak's avatar
np, sorry I couldn't be of more help ><
KuroiTaiyou's avatar
No, your insight and tutorial were both very helpful! Thank you! :heart:
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