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Dedication to my little sister ~<3

Meet Ryuu, one of the newest members of the Dragons In Bandanas Club ^-^

Being the young spirit dragon that she is, Ryuu enjoys having lots of fun and games with friends, especially new ones. Even though she can fly on her own, she mostly floats around in her clouds. She is a very creative thinker, and comes up with very insightful ideas of how to solve difficult problems. She tries to help her friends as much as she can, and becomes a viscious fighter when they are in danger.

Ryuu's control over her spirit powers is still out of practice, but she learns something new about them every day. Even she knows very little of her abilities, and she learns them best when among her pals. Ryuu passes out for a couple hours after she uses an exponential amount of her powers. This usually happens soon after a hard training session or a tough battle.


Okay, Nexis! The looooong wait for this little one is over X3 Here she is, all colored and ready to go! Now you can post her on the club's page, just give credit to me :D And do I have to draw a human version of her too? I don't mind if I have to, just wondering ;P

© Kitsunemagic1 - I worked really heard on this. If you steal her for whatever pathetic reason, you will regret it :chainsaw:

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kawaiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~ lol.. i LOVEEEEE herrr! haha..very awesome! lol
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Aww, I love your comments, nee-chan! :glomp:
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lol.. and i love giving them to you^^ :glomp:
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:D YEEEEEE :3 lookit the lil' snakey dragon squeeeness :dance:

XD YAY you finally made your character for the club lol

I'll see if i can arrange an rp soon >_>;; but it might have to wait a few more weeks ^^; <-- other admins are grounded until reportcards come in
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
:D squeeeeee! :glomp:

oooooo RP! I've never really done it before X3
NexisSakura's avatar
:D well then this'll be your big chance ^^

Usually the way I'm used to RPing is with full paragraphs and dialouge, but since there's so many people RPing at once in the DIB, we've decided to just do it like... well, you'll see when we actually do it lol
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
wheeeee! I can't wait :D
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Awwwwwwww! She's so cuuuuuute :D *jumps into clouds*
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
*jumps into clouds with you* :D
FOXobsessions's avatar
Angel449's avatar
Wow! I love the clouds!
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Yeah, they were lots of fun to play with :D
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AWWW! It's sooo cute! :hug:
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
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During a life-threatening battle? :giggle: That's a baaaad time to pass out for a couple of hours! X3 The drawing is very cute, in any case - I love what a relaxing feeling it has to it, with your little character lying aaall comfy in that soft cloud, dreaming along and smiling happily ^-^ Critique? Not much - the anatomy you did a wonderful job on, the way you drew the head, chest and her arms looks realistic, they have enough depth (despite the little shading used on it) to give the character volume and the viewer a good idea about what your dragon looks like, and I adore your expressions, as always - her fuzzy hair just adds to the cuteness, and makes one .. just want to hug her ^-^ Her lower body is slightly unevenly shaped - the upper part of her body is perfect - the head and the chest both look really good, then her body stays about the same thickness, gets thicker again - and then thins out towards her tail. Especially the part where it stays the same and then suddenly gets thicker looks a bit odd, but maybe that's just me ;P Also, be careful with straight lines such as right below her chest, where it stays the same thickness for a while - straight lines - unless it's something human made - almost never exist in nature, there's always a slight curve in anything, something getting slightly thicker, or slightly thinner - if you look at your torso, you'd notice shapes like that too - no straight lines really, anywhere. Of course, you might not necessarily want to apply human anatomy to dragons (maybe snake-like would be more appropriate here, seeing that it's one of the few things that comes close, torso-wise?), buuut .. it's just something to keep in mind. It's nothing big really either - the drawing looks wonderful already, just a little something that might help you to get even better in future drawings, you know? ^-^
Very nicely done, in any case, and very cute story too :aww:

Keep up the good work!

(psst, just a little note .. I think there may be a typo in your signature X3 why not just sign it by hand? It makes it much more special, too - plus it prevents those typos :giggle: )
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
I love hearing what you think about my drawings, pretty much all of your reviews come out great ^_^

I *knew* there were going to be a few typos in the description(and that you would point them out X3), so I went and fixed them X3 I'll sign it by hand next time ;P Aaaaand it may be another week or so 'til I'm able to finish anything, good thing it's Spring Break! :giggle:

And thanks a lot for the critique ^-^ I see exactly what you mean about everything you mentioned, and I'll definitely keep that in mind if I'm ever drawing her again ;P


('s the drawing that people were focused on X3)
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Oh that's so cute!!!!!!!! It looks so peaceful and wonderful! =D Love it :love:
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Thanks a bunch! And thank you so much for the fave! :hug:
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