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Happy Birthday

Happy belated birthday, :iconangel449:!! Woah, very belated O.o; But still! Another year older and STILL rockin' the world of InuYasha fanfiction!! That's how we met, over a fanfiction site :D She wrote a story that was worth an e-mail, and to my surprise, she e-mailed back! We've kept in touch ever since ^-^ She's my very first interweb friend, and she definitely deserves something special <3

I hope you like it, Teeny ^-^ Try to guess what's in that package! :giggle:



© Akiko and drawing *KiTSUNEMAGiC1

PS~ Sorry it's so late, but I can't really help a busted tablet pen ^^;
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D'AWWWWWWWWWAH!!!! She's so precious!
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No big! They're really groovy creations!
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That's some rocking hair! Good work, I'm sure she'll love it.

Haha nvm, looks like she does love it, good work Libby :)
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When's Emmy's b-day??????? O_o
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You mean my little sister? :confused:
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Why do you ask? X3
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Just wondering...>>.....My b-days Nov 9th....I'm 15 now
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Meep! Happy belated birthday ^^;
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>> Thanks...<<
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AWESOME! oh wow, amazing as usual XP soooo cute! i just wanna hug herrr! lol
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AWWWWWWWWWWW! :aww: :aww: :aww:

Thankies so much Libby-chan! I love Akiko, she is so adorable! And she's wearing a locket! Maybe there is a locket in the package and the size is just to throw me off. ^_^ Or I could be completely wrong. =p

I can't believe that we met over a fanfiction site. Haha, of course I emailed you back! You were very sweet and it was flattering.

Loves you! :blowkiss: :hug:

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It was no problem at all, really :aww: I had fun drawing something for you, especially a birthday gift!

Could be! :giggle: Matching lockets would be cute ^^ Buuuuuut how about a new digital camera ;3

Loves you tooo! :glomp: And happy birthday again!

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Is that a subtle hint? ;p

Thankies again!!!
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Might be! You never knooooow! :mwahaha:

:hug: ^-^
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Adorable :aww: It's definitely a surprise to see Akiko in her more-human like form, and a positive one at that too - she looks absolutely gorgeous :giggle: I love how you made her keep most of her fox-features - while she does resemble a human, she looks a lot like that little fox girl still, with her fur, the markings as well as a certain clumsy-ness (for example, lack of toes) - you did a great job, she looks just about perfect ^-^ Her anatomy is well done too, her body has volume, one can see the muscles, yet it doesn't look overdone at all - it simply blends in with the rest of the picture ^-^

The line-art is just as well done; the lines look very smooth and soft, and even though I think a bit of variation in the lines' thickness would have further improved the drawing (as in, lines where little shadow would fall, or where two objects are close together would be thinner. On the gift package, for example, the purple and the yellow on the wrapping would be very close and as such have thinner lines, which would convey that closeness to the viewer - try it out some time and trust me, it works very well). Another thing I'd pick on is the compression quality of the drawing - it looks over-compressed, as there are many JPEG compression artifacts - so if you still have the original source file, you might want to re-save it and chose a higher quality - especially after spending so much time on the drawing, it would deserve more than poor compression, right? ;P

Anyhow, those are just minor things I noticed; apart from them the drawing is great. Akiko looks wonderful, very sympathetic - and, considering the colour composition, sure lives up to her name too :giggle: Transforming her to a more human-like appearance for the picture worked very well, and the whole execution of the drawing you did an excellent job on - keep up the good work :aww:

(PS.: By the way, I noticed .. Akiko doesn't have a tail in the picture? ;P )
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Oh, she's always had a human form, I just haven't drawn it very much ;P And as for the lack of toes... I didn't feel like drawing them X3 *is lazy*

I think it took just as long to color it as it did to finish the lineart, I think you would know! *pokes* And yeah, I'll try that line-variation thing ^-^ And I think that's devArt's compression, I'll get rid of that <.<

Thank you so much, Toby :hug: You're a huge help ^^

(PS~ I know, I know - I forgot it X3)
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Oh, I wasn't complaining about not drawing the toes, I think she looks just perfect the way you drew her now :giggle: Simplicity can be a very good thing, at times ^-^ Aaaand I'm pretty sure that's the way the drawing was saved on your computer, deviantArt doesn't re-compress the full screen picture ;3 Sooooo, try increasing the quality setting when you save the JPEG picture, and it'll be just fine :aww:

(You .. forgot it? X3)
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I didn't think that you were ;P And yeah, I'll try doing that ^^

(Strange, I know - but yeah X3)
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Its probably less late than the one I owe you... Sorry it isn't up yet, you probably hate me... ._. But maybe you won't hate me as much if you know that it is at least drawn; has been for some time, but I've just had so much going on I have a bunch that I still need to scan including that one. :( Happy Unbirthday, by the way.

And as for this work of art, I love it. <3 Your friend should feel very proud to know or she has a friend as devoted as you. :) That makes a wonderful gift. I like the face especially... It makes me smile, seeing the girl's anticipation of events to come. And I like the hairstyle on her. ^_^ Well done, Libby.

...I guess I'll save your Note Box some space and just ask here. What are your preference between these?

A. Colored Pencil with shading but dulled by scanner / Digital without shading but not dulled
B. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

If I know the answers to those, I should actually finally be able to finish your gift tomorrow!

Please tell your friend that I wish him or her a happy belated birthday as well. ^_^
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