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- For My Friends -

I told you you'd never guess! haha! Here's a special wallpaper for anyone who wants to use it, especially for the people these characters represent ^-^

On the bottom, left to right:

Kielie - black fox - ~AnimeLuver16 - She's really improved since I've met her and I'm really proud of what she comes up with! Some of the things she can imagine is amazing, and she's really one of the best friends you can find ^-^ She's funny, creative, original, and incredibly kind, and that's an understatement :hug: Evil thing, be nice to Mary!

Mary - Sonic-style cat - ~Manic6605 - One of the only people on devArt that I actually know in person X3 She's someone that you'll never forget: completely crazy and someone that can come up with something to do to pass the time. Oh, and did I mantion that she's a die-hard Sonic the Hedgehog fan? :glomp:

Akiko - fox - She's basically me, minus the obsession with cheese X3 If you know me well enough, then you definitely know her :D She's really entertained by Iolana, that's for sure! :rofl:

Toby - harbor seal - `tobyf - Definitely the best person I've ever had the chance to meet ^-^ He's introduced me to so many different things, I can't even think of them right now! He's been there for me for the longest time that anyone has, especially when it comes to boys X3 He's never taken our friendship for granted, and I don't plan on ever doing that either ^-^ Not only that, he has great taste in music ;P :heart: :hug:

Okay, now for those two flying around ;P

Iolana - angel cat - ~Angel449 - Teeny! :glomp: You're a great friend! My very first net-friend, and that's something really special ^-^ You have great talents with your photography, I've never seen amatuer shots as great as yours, expecially at your age! Don't ask me what she was doing to Aisu, I don't even know X3

Aisu - dragon - *NexisSakura - Wow, you're really one-of-a-kind! :D You kinda remind me of my sister, you and her both like dragons and fantasy X3 And you have a real talent with drawing animals, keep going with that ^_^ But like you said, your best work comes when you have fun with it!


So yeah, that the surprise! I really hope you all like it!

This took about a week and a half to finish, and it was all done on the computer! :faint: I'm so done with this one X3

Haha! Ja ne :hug:
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I'm melting into a puddle of KAWAII! New Fav! New Fav! Too squishable!!!!!!!!!!
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Thank you! :giggle: I'm glad you like it! ^^
Very much so! Your siggie's a trip! LOVE it!
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Hehe! Thanks!

...Again! :giggle:
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:hug: :hug: :hug: I'm so honoured that you thought of me when doing this picture. I adore it! :love: It has so much life and personality and soul. :love: You outdid yourself this time! Iolana looks so kawaii! But she is not called Iolana for nothing! She can get some serious flight speed. :D

Seriously L-chan, I :heart: this and the fact that you put in Iolana (i.e. me) means a lot. It seems like over time we haven't had the chance to email and talk like we used to. But you are very very very special to me and we'll always be friends. I got your back no matter what. ;p

Luv YOU! :blowkiss:
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Of course you're in the picture, Teeny! :hug: How could I not have you in this drawing, it'd be so totally unfinished if you weren't....and Aisu wouldn't have anything to do X3

I think devArt is doing enough for us, we're still talking to each other, that's a good thing :D

:blowkiss:! luv you tooooo!
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Awr! I really like how all of the different events sort of weave together to make one big picture, it gives a certain flow of emotion. And the colouration is really pretty for digital work. :giggle:

All in all, a very cute idea for a surprise; I can see that your friends definitely enjoyed it. :3
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Awww! Thanks so much! :D I didn't want to make it simple like one of those portrait drawings, you know? I had a lot of ideas, but this one was my favorite, as you can see! :giggle: Thanks again!

It's great to know that you like it too ^-^
Phiyrr's avatar
No prob; it really was creative than the traditional fanart pictures! :3

Oh! And your siggy is awesome! But enemies are fun to look at. o_o;;
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
I tend to do a lot more with my drawings on the computer X3

I stole it from an avatar on myspace X3 It wasn't only true, but funny!
Phiyrr's avatar
Usually, I have more time with pencil and paper, since most of my drawings are done during homeroom in school. :lol:

Myspace? xD has good, funny avatars, too. :D
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Yeah, most of my sketches are done at school too, usually in keyboarding class :D

Iconator! I haven't been to that site in forever! You should try too, they have some nice anime avatars there :D
Phiyrr's avatar
What is keyboarding class? (I’m going to high school next year, so I’m kinda clueless for now. Meheh.) ^^;

Ohhhh, pretty! I like the icon of the day. xD I remember I use to have a whole bunch of anime icons for my random generator on a different site, but they kind of got cluttered. :P
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Hehe, keyboarding is learning the proper keystrokes on the keyboard ;P It's easy, but kinda hard not looking at the thing, I still do that X3

Yeah, aren't they! :D Aww, what's the site? :3
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AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! i love youuu~ lol.. thank you SOOO much for all the compkiments and for this GREAT surprise! eee!

lol! :heart: i faved it cause i love it that much^^ :glomp:
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
You SO deserve it! All of it! :glomp:
AnimeLuver16's avatar
:glomp: awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!
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^-^ You already know how much I love this one :aww: I think you did a great job on the drawing - of course, you did spend a week and half on it, but trust me - the effort totally shows - this is one of the best pictures you've posted so far. Especially the expressions are priceless; one of the highlights on those is definitely Kielie's, who is looking all sneaky and playful (and of whom you can tell just by looking at her that she's going to pounce on a very very suprised Mary in the very next second, ensuring chaos and quite probably them scuffling, too /gg). The other characters' expressions are no less well done though - the way Iolana looks is just perfect, and Akiko giggling and laughing on the floor represents your personality so well, it's amazing ^-^ Her expression and her pose are great; probably the very best ones in the picture (and that means a lot, seeing how well the others are done!), and they capture the mood of the drawing so well too - one can literally feel the happi- and cheerfulness you embody, the huge amount of love and appreciation from you towards your friends, just looking at the picture.
Critique? The only thing I could think of, really, is that it feels that Akiko somehow has a tad too much of her body in the air - not much, maybe just half an inch or so, but then again, her current pose portrays her feelings so well, I'm not even sure whether changing it would kinda .. dumb down the emotions here actually, so I'd say; it's best left as it is ^-^ It's a wonderful drawing, wonderfully drawn, and coming from a wonderful person too - I love it to bits ^-^


:+fav: - Expressions, poses (Akiko and Kielie in particular), general mood the drawing portrays and conveys.
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
You're amazing! Everything you say about what I do in general is wonderful! ^_^ I'm always looking forward to your comments, and getting a favorite from you makes it even better!

tobyf's avatar
Look who's talking! :giggle: You're just *as* amazing; your drawings are wonderful, and especially those little surprises and the sweet words you leave for your friends make one feel all warm and fuzzy for daaays to come :aww: You're a great person and a wonderfully talented artist (making such fast progress too!) - and just knowing that I'm helping you with my comments is enough to make *me* happy :aww:

:hug: right back at you ;P
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
:giggle: I try ;P And you guys give me so much to feel warm and fuzzy about too (your surprises, for example ;P) ^-^ I'm still in my learning stages, and learning from one of *the* best artists out there, so of course I'd learn quickly!

tobyf's avatar
Aww ~^^~ I don't know what to say, juust .. that it's a huuuuge honour and privilege for me to help little you through your 'learning stages' - and that I'd do it any time :aww:

Besides, I'm learning from you just as much - you're doing a great job on expressions and poses, much better I do ^-^ So, in a way, we're learning from each other, aren't we? :giggle:

KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Blushy Toby! :hug: Same to you, of course ^-^

Pfff, your poses and expressions are fine ;P I don't see anything that needs improvement with them ^-^ And I'm definitely learning a *lot* from you too ^^

:hug: to you too! ^-^
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