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Bookmark - Toby

No, this isn't his big surprise X3 Just a trend that I've gone into, I guess! Yay for bookmarks! :giggle:

This one's for the wonderful Tobias - my dear friend - and whatever he's reading (if anything at all /heh) ^-^ I just felt like making one more thing for him, and I'm very sure that he's going to love it! And that little seal is adorable, isn't he? ^-^ So furry and ...gah! He's just too cute for his own good! *snuggles Toby*! I think that bookworm is a bit surprised, wouldn't you say so? :giggle:

Can't wait to see you guys again! :hug:


Drawing is © *KiTSUNEMAGiC1
Toby (harbor seal) is © Tobias Fischer `tobyf (:heart:)
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Hey look its my favorite seal :D
Awwww he's so cute on those books :P
And the wormy is cute too

eeeeeee :excited:
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That's SO adorable Libby! I'm sure he'll more than love it! I love the details you put into this, so AWSOME! The individual pages of each book really adds to it, and the background totally completes the picture. Awww...Toby looks so huggable on top of that stack1 And the little worm is a fine detail as well. Your style is remarkable--keep it up! :highfive:
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Thanks SO much for the many compliments, Lolly! :hug: You're such a great person! :aww:
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Awwww :cuddle: You're very welcome, you deserve it :aww: :heart:
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thats awsome! lol i like the little warm stiking out of the book XD
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Thanks ^-^ And yeah, I like my little wormy too :giggle:
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ahahahahah! sooooooo cuteeeee! eheheheh! lol.. i LOVE this.. :heart: its ADORABLE!
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I want one... I wanna have Toby gracing the pages of MY literature.
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You want it up for a print? I can do that for you if you like ^-^
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X3 Tobias should definitely be proud, no? I agree, Toby the Seal is just SOOOO cute. Got me going on deviantART! I like your portrayal, especially the connection between Toby and the bookworm. :clap:
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:giggle: Thank you so much! :hug:
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You're welcome! It was well deserved! :)
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Very cute! And a lovely idea for a bookmark and a gift~ ^o^
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