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Bookmark - Akiko

This is my personal bookmark! No, it's not like those flimsy tall ones, I hate those! XP The fall out and rip easily <.< I made it for the current book I'm reading: Watership Down by Richard Adams. It's a really good story, you should read it if you haven't!

Originally a little pencil drawing on an index card, Toby said that I should color it on openCanvas - so I did ;3 And with his help, I finished my bookmark ^-^ I'm really proud of this one too! It's my very best colored drawing! And it was lots of fun to draw and color :giggle: I'm not going to set it up for a print, but if you want me to, just ask! ^^

So d'you think Akiko likes her beanbag chair? :giggle: I wonder what she's reading!

Take care, all of you! :hug:


Akiko, drawing © *KiTSUNEMAGiC1
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© 2007 - 2021 KiTSUNEMAGiC1
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WOW. Your gallery is amazingly cute. I have to fave this!
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You're very welcome! :heart:
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Awwww....Akiko looks so cute! I'll send Iolana over and they can have a reading party!
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Aww, yay! Akiko will love having her over :hug:
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This is quite a colorful drawing you have here. The varying colors of orange, red, and blue make the mood stand out as very bright and lively, even if the activity is a simple reading of a book. The background manages to mix very well with the foreground, and in the end, it does look like a lovely illustration one would find in a children's book. :)

The shading style is simple, yet very effective when it comes to the cute style you use. The red and blue shadows are what I most enjoy about your coloring method. It manages to smoothen the shapes pretty well! The composition itself is a very adorable presentation. Just reading a simple story (which is probably filled with even more adorable stories!) in the comfort of a beanbag chair is, again, a relaxing a concept to look at.

I'm pretty sure you can tell I admire this picture. You did an excellent job on it, no doubt. ^^ You're improving rapidly! You'll see, you'll be on your way to drawing more illustrations as inspiring as this.
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Aww, thanks so much! :giggle:
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You are reading Watership Down!? That is my FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!!! I had to read it three times before I had enough, and then read it a fourth time because I loved it so much! The sequel is so-so, but the part called Speedwell's Story rocks! X3 Nice book choice, and I like the bookmark!
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Yes, Watership Down :giggle: And thank you ^-^
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I already told you I love this - seriously, when I first saw this, I was impressed by what a good job you did on the colouring (and the lineart too, of course :giggle: ). Akiko looks great, the shading is fitting really nicely, giving her volume and making her look like she's actually there and touchable instead of a "mere" flat drawing :aww: There isn't much to critique here either, I like how the way you coloured it looks a lot like painting-like, one thing that catches my eye is that maybe the pink of her right ear should be visible a little, but apart from that, it's perfect; the tail looks fluffy and furry, the flower could be a little less glossy, that's about it though X3 Great job on picking the colours, too - the whole drawing is very colourful, but not too colourful either - it looks very balanced and easy on the eyes ^-^

The tall bookmarks hardly rip if you laminate them ;P Something you should do with yours, it helps a lot!
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Awwwwwww, thanks so much :hug: I'm glad you love it this much! And on those few critiques, I see exactly what you mean ^-^ Hmm...I wonder what kind of reaction I'll get after I post your drawing /gg Only one way to find out!

What if you don't have a laminater-thing, huh? X3
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Iiiif you don't have a laminator-thingy, theeeen .. your bookmarks will rip more easily. Obviously, duh! :giggle: I'm sure they do that at those various shops though, if you ask nicely - I'm starting to forget all those names of the shops where I was in and where they offered it - maybe UPS? ;P Explore! Just go into random shops, ask, and if they give you the WTF-look, scurry out and try the next one :aww: Or you could just ask the teachers in your school, our school had its own laminator-thingy that my teacher let us abuse once we asked /ok

The reaction you'd get from me is .. that I'd just comment on the line-art /gg What do you mean I haven't done that yet, I mean, I .. *slaps forehead and falls over*

Yeah, love you too :hug:
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Randomly going to shops and teachers, asking if I could use their laminator...?


Aww! *catches and hugs* I knew that would happen sometime X3

tobyf's avatar
If you go to shops, they'll probably expect some compensation, so maybe stick to teachers first :giggle: Maybe they're hiding one of them in the corner of the teachers' room, you never know! /gg And if they ask you for the reason, you can show them your bookmark - maybe they want one for their own! ;P

Aww ^-^ *hugs back and purrs* Not that there's much to critique, it looks adorable - I love the way you draw those little critters, they look so cute in your style :aww: Akiko and Toby look like .. years younger (and just as much cuter!) than if I draw them ^^

KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Yup yup, I thought they might do that X3 They always have the good stuff hiding out in the teacher's lounge! And I'd gladly make bookmarks specially for teachers! :giggle:

*keeps hugging and purrs too* Don't praise me too much! Your style is just as cute, and makes them look just as young (and cute!) as mine does ^-^

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wow....that beanbag chair would be sooo useful for me right now...i've been sitting in front of the TV for like....48 hours straight just playin my PS2...anywhoo...nice drawin libby...wish i had Open Canvas (and a tablet)...coz that'll help me lots....DAMN U LIBEH!....oh thingy?
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Maybe you should take a break? ;P Go get some sleep, you need it!
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Mary: *takes her bean bag chair* MINE! whatcha readin?

Me: Nice drawing Libby! :giggle:
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Akiko: HEY! That's mine!! And you could've asked to share - we can read it together!

Thanks! :giggle:
Manic6605's avatar
Mary: ........oh..ok...*gives her back her bean bag chair*

Kittssy: Meow?

AnimeLuver16's avatar
aww.. its so cute^^ lol. i wanna beanbag chair^^ lol.. and a sweet bookmark! haha. your amaizng really, i could NEVER draw OR color like that XP very cute^^
KiTSUNEMAGiC1's avatar
Come on now! You can draw and color just as good as that if you try hard enough! And yup! I want that beanbag chair too :giggle:
AnimeLuver16's avatar
haha.. not realllyyyy... my best is what you see *sighs*
:hug: we shall BOTh get beanbag chairs! rahahaha
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