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Guardian Profile: Larkin by KitsuneHavoc Guardian Profile: Larkin by KitsuneHavoc
Name: Larkin
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Death Knight
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: N/A
Eyes: Black (while alive, it was brown)
Hair: Short and Black (while alive, it was auburn)

The main character of one of my stories, Guardian. Larkin is already dead due to suicide. Now he is a Death Knight working under the Grim Reaper.

Each weapon represents a style. The Scythe represents power, crossbow is range, tri-spear is technique, sword is speed, and the lance is defense.

His weapon can switch into any of these whenever he whispers or yells out what style he wants. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

His scythe advantage is that it is able to knock down and kill enemies quick. It increases his power. The disadvantage is that due to the size, it will slow Larkin down and the range isn't that good.

The lance advantage gives him a greater chance and increases his defenses. He can still kill enemies with it. Disadvantage is that his speed will be reduce and it's a "hit or miss" opportunity.

Tri-spear increases Larkin's technique and range. The advantage is that it gives him a better chance to counter a enemy's attack. Disadvantage is that speed weapons are too fast for the tri-spear and lessens the chance of countering.

The sword will increase Larkin's speed. The advantage is that it will give him more breathing room after slicing and dicing enemies. Disadvantage is that it is weak against power weapons.

Crossbow increases range dramatically. Advantage is that the weapon can take out far away enemies and able to be used to block attacks. disadvantage is that it will not kill anything if it is used as a hand-held weapon. It can only knock-out enemies.
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November 19, 2010
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