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GB Profile: Toruko by KitsuneHavoc GB Profile: Toruko by KitsuneHavoc
Drawn by: :iconkagamimiyuki:

Original: [link]

Toruko was born in Poland, but what is weird, she don't have Polish name. Her grandmother last wish was to name her Toruko, so it's why. And she said that Toruko have big magical potential, but she never know about it because her parents didn't tell her. Yes, Toruko's grandmother was able to use great magic, but her parents wasn't. Every second generation was able to use magic, but not every person in this generation had magical potential. Toruko's big brother don't have magical potential. He's only able to perform magic tricks, and not so good. Family don't like Toruko and is cold to her, because they are jealous of her magical talent. From beginning Toruko was different. In preschool, school, and even in her family she was always lonely. But she bear with this. She is kindhearted. She always try to help people. One of her first revealed talents was healing magic. When somebody was hurt, she always heal wounds with her magic. She thinked that she could made friends this way. But it was different. People was afraid of her ability. And in the age of 13, when she wend to new school, she met someone. This girl what she met was lonely. And she wasn't afraid of Toruko. She loved her ability to heal. And was fascinated by Toruko's magic. She becomen Toruko's first and best friend. Toruko was so happy, how she never been. Toruko felt that this world now is worth something for her, because she have a friend here. But three years later her friend must move with her family to England. Toruko and her friend was very upset about it, but they say that they will phone to each other every day. But her friend, after week, didn't phoned to Toruko even once. Then one day later Toruko received a letter from England. She was very happy, because she thinks that it must be from her best friend. But... letter was telling, that her friend and her family was killed when they land in England in street riot. It was real shock for Toruko. She was crying how she never before was crying. Her life means nothing to her now. This world was so cruel. Too cruel. She feels that all the world hate her. She lost only one person who could understand her. Toruko decided. She went on the roof of the highest building in the town. She jumped. She was falling. She didn't feel fear. Nothing mean anything to her now. When she was about in half of building height, somebody grab her in air and jumped with her to the roof of smaller building next to this one. While she was grabbed, she lost her consciousness. Last thing what she remember from this moment was words what this person said to her: "Never give up." But she didn't remember what this person looks like. She woken up somewhere. In her head she hear those words: Never give up, never give up... Some people was talking about her. She heard: "This girl have a big magical potential. And we discovered in her Ghost Brigade abilities... why not add her to it? It seems that her family won't have anything against it." The other person said:"Yes... but isn't she too young? But if you say about her family and school... maybe it will be really better for her to join Ghost Brigade instead of staying in Poland?" The first person said:"Yes, this will be the best for her. It's already decided. Oh, you're awake. Say what your name is?" Toruko said:"I'm... Toruko. What will happen?" Second person said:"Don't be afraid Toruko. You have some special abilities and big magic potential. You will join Ghost Brigade. You won't feel lonely there anymore." Toruko said:"Really? So I think it's okay..." First person said:"You will stay here for a week and prepare yourself." Toruko said: "Oh, okay. I will never give up."

After a week:
Toruko, 16 years old girl. Joining Ghost Brigade today. Her weapon is boomerang blade. She can use magic. She is very good at healing magic, and is learning battle magic. She like to be on battlefield, she want to fight and heal on it, don't stay in camp. She is very speed and may look quietly, but she is like... eh... like... like a storm. Toruko, say something.
Toruko:"Um... very nice to meet you. I hope I could heal everyone and nobody will be running away of me. Thanks."

Toruko's goals:
-be useful for this world
-never give up
-find person who saved her life (someone said her that this person is in GB)
-get better

Some special information:
-Toruko have a big secret: if she is upset, sad, alone too much, she change to her dark self. Her dark self is destructive, and only her best friend was able to turn her back to normal from it. Dark self become more powerful and dark after discovering her GB abilities. When she is in her dark self form, her all abilities increase 10 times. When she is in dark form, she use her dark magic. What's weird, in dark form her healing abilities increase 10 times too, even if they're already big. Maybe... she will be able to turn human soul to this world again? So, when her dark self is stronger now, who will save her from darkness when there is no her friend here anymore?
-While week Toruko discovered her first battle magic ability: magic protection. She don't have to use wand to her magic, because of her abilities. She use her hands to perform it.
-She can make her weapon more powerful by adding her magic to it. In magic form, her weapon have better abilities and change shape.
-Why her weapon is called boomerang blade? When she throws it, it behaves like a boomerang and cut through things. Not matter in what form her weapon is.
-Why she have only one weapon? Her second weapon is her magic, but she isn't very good in battle magic yet. That's why she look for a teacher who can help her improve.
-Toruko's hobby is to catch people and heal their wounds and scars, and everything what you can heal. Without permission of owner of it. So members of Ghost Brigade better be careful if they want to have their scars!

Written by: :iconkagamimiyuki:

Name: Toruko
School: Ghost Brigade Academy
Member: Ghost Brigade
Rank: Beginner, don't have one
Age: 16
Nickname: Toru or Storm
D.O.B.: January 3, 2003
Nationality: Polish
Hometown: Cracow, PL

Quote: "Never ever give up. There's always hope."

LV. 15
EXP. Points: 40/200
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KitsuneHavoc Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011  Student General Artist
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