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World of Mystaria v.4 by KitsuneHavoc World of Mystaria v.4 :iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 15 3 World of Mystaria v.3 by KitsuneHavoc World of Mystaria v.3 :iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 6 0 World of Mystaria v.2 by KitsuneHavoc World of Mystaria v.2 :iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 8 4 World of Mystaria v.1 by KitsuneHavoc World of Mystaria v.1 :iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 9 0 Kit's Scarf Demonstration by KitsuneHavoc Kit's Scarf Demonstration :iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 9 0 Kit Havoc Color Scheme by KitsuneHavoc Kit Havoc Color Scheme :iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 20 10
Kit Havoc - 3
A few weeks later after the capture of the criminal, Douglas, Kit left the city after depositing his reward money and now he was in a rural area, riding on the back of a wagon that was being pulled by a farmer and his horses.
"Sorry for the trouble of giving me a ride, sir." Kit said.
"Hehe. Well, it's no trouble at all. Thank you for helping me put these haystacks on this wagon." the farmer smiled. "Where are you heading anyway?"
Kit shrugged. "No where in particular. Jus' enjoyin' the adventure." 
The farmer chuckled. "An adventurer, eh? Well... just be sure you don't do something that you'll regret."
Chuckling in reply. "I got it, sir." 
After a good few hours, the farmer drops Kit off at a dirt path. "This path should lead you to a nearby town." he said.
Thunder boomed in the sky as the two looked up at the sky to see dark clouds forming.
"You best hurry before the storm comes." the farmer tipped his hat as his wagon continues on. 
Kit watches the wagon leave as he g
:iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 2 0
Kit's Arsenal by KitsuneHavoc Kit's Arsenal :iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 8 2 New Kit Havoc Design by KitsuneHavoc New Kit Havoc Design :iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 7 21
Kit Havoc - 2
"Surprisingly, he hasn't killed me. Yet." muttering as he puts his back up against what he believes are boxes and crates.
The young man soon chants a spell which creates a small orb of light which lit up his surrounding, at least, most of it.
"Hmm... seems I'm put in a storage room of some sort." he said, examining the area that was full of boxes, crates and barrels which were full of various content. Most of it containing alcoholic liquids.
He looks around again and sees his belt holster and sheathed sword at a corner with his scarf, headphones and beret. "There's my stuff, at least." he sighed. "Still need to get out of these binds. "Really need to get out of these binds." he grunted as he tries to chant a spell.
Before he could finish, the door opens up, blinding him with a bright light. Closing one eye and squinting the other to try and focus on the door.
"Seems you're finally awake, 'Chaser'." said a familiar voice.
The lad recognized the voice and gave an annoyed sigh. "The 'Hood
:iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 2 0
Kit Havoc - 1
In a dark and dusty room with the floor made from planks of wood, a young man was lying unconsciously on the cold floor with his arms tied tightly behind his back.
Small drips of blood came down from his head, most likely receiving a blow to the head.
Soon, he begins to stir a bit. Groaning and coughing a bit.
"Ugh... What the hell hit me...?" he muttered as he slowly opens his eyes. His sight would be blurry if there wasn't nothing but darkness around him.
He would soon try to move his arms only to realize that they were restrained.
He sighs at his situation. "Figures..." talking in his head as he fixes himself and his posture until he was sitting a bit comfortably on the wooden floor.
The kid begins to remember about the events that lead up to the situation at hand.
"Okay, okay... I was tailing one of my bounty targets..." he remembered. "Douglas Roni. Hoodlum. Wanted for multiple robberies and 3 murders of law enforcement officers. Reward: $5000."
Feeling a surge of pain suddenly in
:iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 3 2
Darken Times - Purgatory
Hound comes through the other side of the portal. Arriving in the other world, he cracks his neck and pop his back. "Still not used to that no matter how many times I go through it." he said.
He was now in a lighted room which was full of mirrors that acted as portals to various places in the world. There were guards and various people walking around, talking, jumping into the portals, and coming out. As soon as he starts to walk, some of the people began to whisper and mutter things to each other.
The young lad makes his way out the room and into the hallway, ignoring the conversations around him. Light reflecting through the multiple windows as more people were either using the balconies or walking through the hallways. He soon hears his name being called.
"Hound! Hey Hound!" the voice said among the crowd. By the sound of the voice, it was coming from behind him.
Hound turns around to see who was calling him. It was a boy who had blonde hair in a braid style and sky blue eyes, a bit
:iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 2 4
Darken Times - Answers
"Your name is Hound?" Maelys asks.
The boy who goes by 'Hound', nods at the question.
"Okay... no offense but... that's a strange name." the girl admitted.
He walks over next to her and sits. "I get that a lot." he said. "Now... what curious questions do you want to ask? I'll answer them."
The girl was a bit surprised about this. "... Just like that?" she wondered suspiciously.
"You're asking me to ask you questions that... you're just going to answer?" she added.
"Yes. Well... most questions." he answered.
"No... catch...? No tricks? No 'gonna take my soul if you know'-kind of thing? You'll answer them just like that?" 
Hound rolled his eyes and nodded.
Maelys couldn't help but smile at this and... scream internally. Something exciting was finally happening. She wanted to take advantage of all this. Before she begins her questions, she takes a deep breath. "Okay... first question... that thing that attacked me..."
Before she could finish, Hound quickly answers. "Was a spaw
:iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 4 11
Darken Times - Pilot
Today is a bright and sunny day and students are heading to their respectable schools and to their studies.
One student who stands out is a high school-er Junior, a young girl named Maelys Celestine, 17.
She is one of the top students in high academics and as well as one of the best athletes to win countless awards and recognition.
You would believe her life was the best, right?
A girl with good looks, the brains, and the athleticism like her would be happy and could do anything, right?
Well... for her, it soon became very boring to her.
Nothing was a challenge to her anymore.
Life, in general, was just boring to her now.
Most of the time, she just falls asleep in class and the teachers let her.
She just wanted something exciting to happen.
Her wish is about to be granted... but... you know the ol' saying...
"Be careful what you wish for."
Maelys soon wakes up and realizes that class was done. She looked out the window and realizes that it
:iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 4 6
Paranormal Private Eye - Ch. 1
"This Is What Ah Do..."
"Some say it's a curse while others say it's a gift... Ah think it's jus' a 'thing'."
"Ah'm jus' some poor basterd Texan that was born in the 1940's. The 'GI Generation' as they would say.' People sleepin' safely in their beds, in their homes, while they don't know 'bout the unseen forces that continue to disrupt their lives..."
Rogue drove through the city streets of Fort Worth, Texas with his ghost client, Lexie, sitting next to him. 
"... Was it okay to leave Fleur just like that...?" the ghost girl asks curiously.
Rogue couldn't help but grin at the question. "Heh... she's used to me jus' leavin' suddenly." he answered.
-30 minutes earlier- 
"Alright. Let's get this show on the road, eh?" Rogue says as he opens the door to the outside world.
Fleur tries to stop him. "Wait! Aren't you gonna eat first?" she quickly asks.
By that time, Rogue closes the door and walks down the stairs.
Back inside, Fleur puffs her cheeks in a pouting expression but soon
:iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 3 5
Paranormal Private Eye - Intro
"And It Begins..."
As the sun slowly beams through the window of a dark room, creeping slowly up onto the bed, the occupant slowly turns over to try and ignore the beams hitting him.
"Rogue!" a voice calls out from the door, sounding feminine. "It's time to get up!"
The occupant continues his slumber, ignoring the voice that was calling out to him.
"It's 8 o' clock! Get your butt out of bed, you lazy P.I.!" the voice said, yelling a bit louder this time.
Again, no response.
That's when a figure emerges through the closed door and walks up at the sleeping figure. She had a long, brown pony-tail hair, had a mole under the left part of her mouth, and with dark-blue eyes.
She stood at the bedside and took a deep breath... "ROGUE! GET UP, YOU JERK!" she screamed at the sleeping figure's ears.
No surprise, the figure, who was a young adult male, jumped and quickly leaned up. His dark-green eyes were opened wide as if he were shell-shocked. His short, black hair with blue edges on one side an
:iconkitsunehavoc:KitsuneHavoc 4 11


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