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Hello and welcome to the Kitsune Appreciation group!

Kitsune Appreciation is a group all about Kitsune! Drawings, cosplay and figurines are welcome! even stories! I am learning over time how to run a group so bare with me as I learn (AnenFairy). It is my hope this group can bring us all together since I could not find a Kitsune Group prior. Art such as Original Characters or "OC" and Original Artwork are accepted; Fan art, such as "Ahri" from League of Legends is accepted as well. While Kumiho are not Kitsune they are similar but malicious, It is ok to post Kumiho here as well. Huli Jing also very welcome!
  1. DeviantArt's rules must be followed
    This includes no stealing other's work and no Submissions that you have not Made.
    Ecchi is allowed
    • R-18 Is accepted so long as its artistic (it should fit DeviantArt's rules) An example would be artistic Nudity, however in order to protect users please submit as R-18 in the title and with adult content checked. Thanks!
      This decision is made because art should be shared and enjoyed, not censored! but please keep it artistic.
        Please be mindful of any laws in your country or any rules DeviantArt may have (Copyrights) Drawing other peoples artwork, Stealing OCs, Claiming other's artwork is not accepted and against DeviantArt's Rules.

Gallery Folders

Request...Pg 90 by MSSeymour
Banner by MSSeymour
The Request (Updated Cover!) by MSSeymour
Request...Pg 89 (+tutorial) by MSSeymour
Drawings and Paintings
Wo De Laopo Ocarina by AnenFairy
OcarinaDisciplineDone by AnenFairy
AnenFairyOrTreatPotentiallyFinished by AnenFairy
AnenFairyOcarinaFightUsAFCorelDone by AnenFairy
League of Legends - Ahri WIP by FluffableSheep
Fan Art
Ahri by Hanetzu







As the title says, I've made an art group in steam. but its certainly much more free in regards to what can be posted. if you're interested The URL is here but you'll need to ask for invite.…
I'll try to upload more art here soon as well :D As for the future of the group, I haven't given up or anything - I have a few Life emergencies going on I am taking care of, but I'll be here soon!!
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