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HTTYD - Sketch dump

By kitsune999
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All these sketches were made while I was listening to "Forbidden Friendship", played in an eternal loop. That music sends me to heaven. The whole movie sends me to heaven. I'm not proud of it but I must say, the scene when Hiccup reached out his hand for Toothless to touch for the very first time 'cause they begin to trust each other make me cry like a baby.
Damn Powell, him and his music. I can't remember the last time I cried so much at a movie, maybe at Titanic, I think XD
By the way, there is some useless Hiccup/Astrid romance/fluff stuff. Sorry.



More HTTYD sketches:

EDIT: Guys, I'm speechless. I'm amazed at how many wonderful comments and faves you have kindly given to my humble sketches in just half a day...Can't believe it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (;__;)

HTTYD is © Dreamworks
Artwork is © of me
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SO good :D keep up the good work!
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UchihaSyerrentStudent Traditional Artist
What a cute things :3
BanditArtaku's avatar
BanditArtakuStudent General Artist
This is so fantastic for a sketch dump! I love the personality you give to their facial expressions!
AlexIsMehNme's avatar
AlexIsMehNmeHobbyist General Artist
I love the lil' comic on the leftside. So sweet. ^^
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ZADRpunk13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Contest if interested…
LunasDreamworld's avatar
Your style is amazing!
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appledash0216Hobbyist Digital Artist
why is astrid crying twice ??? answer plz thnx
xKillJoyx777's avatar
adorable! love every one. is it strange that i am seriously enjoying hiccup's hair in the bottem right? i liked his hair in the movie too.
Yaoiluver4eva's avatar
Side-view of Hiccup is soooo cool!!!!!! thumbs up for a perfect Toothless
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DaikoraxStudent General Artist
It isn't a dump, it's a treasure trove! :D
xXDanielPhantomXx's avatar
xXDanielPhantomXxHobbyist General Artist
HetaliaDragon's avatar
HetaliaDragonStudent Digital Artist
Astrid's a lucky girl I'd say >w< love your style
ImaginaryRat's avatar
ImaginaryRatStudent Digital Artist
I'm in love with the blue sketch down to left. ;w; So adorable!
Jenni666's avatar
i really like your work
kinterkh's avatar
kinterkhHobbyist Traditional Artist
love ur style
RoboticAlice58's avatar
RoboticAlice58Hobbyist General Artist
omg I luv! Dramatic-ish pictures are the best pictures.
Narumi-chian's avatar
Aww~~ they look so cute <3<3
sombra-khenney's avatar
sombra-khenneyStudent Digital Artist
god i cant stop liking all of these.... like
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I'm going to have to favorite all of your drawings! I have no choice! =D
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avidfreakazoidfanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am speechless! THIS IS AMAZING!
PuppyAkamaru's avatar
PuppyAkamaruHobbyist General Artist
somehow the image of a sobbing Astrid and a strong, concerned Hiccup would make a very good story. Can you write?
ryoxsaku's avatar
love this love this love this
BriAndTheMoon's avatar
BriAndTheMoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! It kinda looks like Masashi Kishimoto's style. And for the record I'm not a Narutard..
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Night-Fury777Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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