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Never Thought You Would chapter 2
Chapter 2. Growing apart
/5 months later/
Matsuri stared at the horizon. Just a moment ago Kuroi's silhouette finally disapeared from her view in a distance. It was his turn to go to Suna, and give the report to the Kazekage. Matsuri took the opportunity, and wrote a letter to Gaara, asking the Kazekage to permit her to stay in the border post for another six months. Not that she was absolutely sure that she wanted to stay. She still had her doubts. If she wanted she still could catch up with Kuroi, and take the letter back. She could, but she didn't move.
Her first month there had been terrible. She missed Gaara so much that sometimes she thought her legs would carry her to Suna without her knowing. She dreamed about him almost every night. At first, he had been alone in those dreams. Later, there had been women in those dreams as well, clinging to his arm, smiling to him with familiarity. A few times she had been told by her inmates that she had been crying in her sleep. Matsu
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GaaMatsu: Being cute COMMISSION by tchiixsasu by Kitsune1978 GaaMatsu: Being cute COMMISSION by tchiixsasu :iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 18 4
Never Thought You Would
Chapter 1. A chance to move on
Matsuri braced herself for the inevitable, and entered Kazekage's office. Gaara was seated behind the desk, frowning at the document lying in front of him. When the door creaked slightly, he looked up at her for a second, and nodded to her. Then he rolled up the paper, and put it aside. Matsuri stepped up closer, and halted just in front of the desk, forcing a smile onto her lips.
"You wanted to talk to me," Gaara said. it wasn't a question.
"Yeah," Matsuri replied vaguely. "I'm—It's about—I have a request, Kazekage-sama."
Gaara winced inwardly at her using the honorific with him. True that he had never asked her not to use it. He wanted to, but there were doubts. What if she saw the truth?
"Please, go on." Gaara was really curious what could make her ask him for an official meeting.
"I'd like to... I'd like to enlist in our special force in the north," Matsuri blurted out quickly, her fists clenched as if she tried to make them stop tr
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Please (GaaMatsu fanfic)
Gaara can't wait to hear this word, tumbling off her lips. It's hard to make her say it but he knows what he has to do. Pushing her hard enough always makes her surrender, and she finally says this word like she does at the moment; her lips trembling, her voice breaking, her breathing rapid, her knees buckling.
Hearing it, he feels briefly satisfied but it won't last long. The feeling will be gone too soon for his liking, and he will have to push her again. And again. And again. It becomes harder and harder because Matsuri continuously grows stronger. He's so proud of her even though he's aware that it's impossible for her to reach his level. She would have to be the tailed beast's host first, and this will never happen. Even though Gaara hates Shukaku, the beast's power makes him many times stronger than Matsuri, and it will always be this way.
"Please," Matsuri repeats in a shaky whisper. "Sensei, I—I can't take it anymore."
Her eyes are downcast as if she's ashamed o
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Mature content
Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover (GaaMatsu fanfic) :iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 14 3
GaaMatsu: Our most favorite book COMM by Anadalle by Kitsune1978 GaaMatsu: Our most favorite book COMM by Anadalle :iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 40 3 GaaMatsu stamp by Kitsune1978 GaaMatsu stamp :iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 24 4
I Missed You (SeiyaxUsagi fanfic)
I Missed You
The garden was in full bloom, with beautiful flowers emanating their fragrances into the air and green bushes placed along the paths. The sky was immaculate azure without any cloud. The wind was humming slightly through the trees.
To complete that perfect picture, two cute girls were playing hide-and-seek within the garden.
The taller one was dressed in the pale orange top and jeans shorts. Her hair was glittering from the sunshine like the pure gold. Two long ponytails, almost reaching the ground, were whirling around her along all her moves. Occasionally she was brushing them away impatiently, revealing her serene, beautiful face.
"You're so pretty, mama!", the another one exclaimed. She was black-haired, with her hair combed in two odangos like her mother, and short legs which could ran so fast that it made people's eyes blink with disbelief. She was wearing a blue shirt and shorts of the same shade as the shirt.
"Setsuko-chan!" Usagi giggled
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GaaMatsu: Tired but happy COMM by villainesayre by Kitsune1978 GaaMatsu: Tired but happy COMM by villainesayre :iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 91 16
The Longest Road ch.57 A fleeting shadow
The Longest Road
~Chapter 57. A fleeting shadow~

The daimyō sat in the comfortable armchair, his bare feet on the rich, furry rug, his palm cradling the cup of sake to make everyone who might be coming inside believe that he was properly drinking. The truth, however, was that the flask was almost empty because he had dried it before quickly, not being in the mood for being ceremonial let alone accepting any company. In the solitude of his rooms, he could finally shrug the prudent albeit overbearing attitude off, as he stared at the cold ashes in the hearth. Obviously, even servants were greatly shaken by the news of Kanryū's disappearance, because they had never forgotten before to light a fire in the ruler's chamber at the chilling desert night. The daimyō wasn't going to chastise them though. One could safely say that the entire city was agitated, servants and officials alike. It didn't happen often – hell, it had never happened before! - that so m
:iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 4 9
The Longest Road ch.56 The merchant
The Longest Road
~Chapter 56. The merchant~

Hotaru wasn't a morning person although he got used to getting up early during many years of travelling with his father. They spent majority of their time driving the horse-drawn wagon, or camel-drawn wagon in case of travelling across Kaze no Kuni.
The young man stretched and yawned in his comfortable bed. Rubbing his eyes, he stood up and cleaned and dressed for the day. He went out of the inn in a leisure pace, heading for the wagon to check it for the last time before they would depart. The guards walking between merchant wagons recognized him and nodded. He nodded back, stifling another yawn and ignoring the rumbling in his stomach. There was no time for breakfast. He had to prepare the wagon for the long journey to Kaminari no Kuni while his father was going to pay for an inn room and make a meal they would eat later while on the road.
There was nothing out of place until Hotaru neared the wagon and instantly noticed th
:iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 2 2
The Longest Road ch.55 The weakening seal
The Longest Road
~Chapter 55. The weakening seal~

Gaara waited impatiently for the dawn to rise. He hoped his head would stop aching, and he wanted the news of Kanryū's death to be broken already. Minutes ticked by as the awaited noise of rushing footsteps and frightened exclamations still wasn't happening. Gaara wondered what was the reason of the delay but nothing appeared to him. Obviously the guards were lazier than he thought. Or maybe they decided to search for their commander on their own before they would conclude that something was wrong indeed.
Minutes turns into hours. Everyone in the mansion woke up, servants bustling around, guards walking here and there, inspecting. Finally, the daimyō emerged from his room too, greeting his bodyguard with a small nod although the ruler's watchful gaze didn't settle on Gaara's face, scanning the place as it always did. Gaara bowed to his master, and followed him wordlessly. The daimyō's daily routine had be
:iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 4 2
The Longest Road ch.54 Vigilant
The Longest Road
~Chapter 54. Vigilant~

Gaara watched the girl disappearing under the wagon tilt. He truly hoped she would survive. He wanted her to carry her tainted soul away, to spread the misery around the world. The seeds of insanity had been sown inside her. Not that the symptoms of the disease would be able to be noticed soon. It would slowly consume everything she would touch until it would be too late, and she would realize that she had become a plague.
He briefly regretted he wouldn't be able to see the outcome of this but the sear of pain going through his skull removed all thoughts in an instant. Wincing, Gaara started breathing slowly, trying to relax since he had discovered not so long ago that it slightly helped to ease the pain. It would be best if he could wait in some quiet corner until the pain would go away. Unfortunately, he had to go back to the ruler, and fast. There was a clone there but clones tended to dissipate when his head hurt like that, cau
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Mature content
The Dragon's Bride PL rozdzial 2 i 3 (Dramione) :iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 1 3
The Longest Road ch.53 Disconnected
The Longest Road
~Chapter 53. Disconnected

Being dragged in some unknown direction by the monster, Matsuri panted and stumbled continuously, shuffling her feet against the ground. The hour was late and the daily bustle had considerably decreased, more people staying safely in their houses than walking around. Even if they would walk around at this hour, the monster's sand eye was scanning the area before them to detect any possible hitch. Matsuri didn't quite know if she cared or not. After what had happened before, her mind shut itself somewhat, making her feel light-headed and empty. The monster had warned the girl before not to speak and she was still silent albeit constantly shooting uncertain glances here and there. At first, she thought he would take her to the house but he would have to find some place first where she could wash away the blood. Soon Matsuri realized that it wasn't the case. The monster dragged her into the narrow cranny where the solid fence met t
:iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 3 2
GaaMatsu: Tenderness COMMISSION by Anadalle by Kitsune1978 GaaMatsu: Tenderness COMMISSION by Anadalle :iconkitsune1978:Kitsune1978 97 9
"Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage
done in a system where contemporary myths are owned
by corporations instead of owned by the folk."

― Henry Jenkins



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For the Next year starting for this June(2016), we will provide a Monthly theme divided into 4 weekly sub-themes for you. 

All the monthly themes can be found at the Bottom of this notice.
The weeks will be listed by dates under each Month.
We have already provided the 1st 2 months weekly themes as well.

You have control of your participation level: You can Attempt to participate on as many of the Themed 48 event weeks as you like.
If you want to participate once a month, only for one specific month, only one specific week, or at random intervals all year's completely up to you.

You control the pairing. You can represent specific one pairing, or a different pairing every time you participate.

While the Characters are Canon (Both Manga & Anime only characters are welcome) 
Canon, non-Canon and down right crackish ships will be viewed equally during the duration of this event.

Complete art will be defined as finished looking Characters in color or a story consisting of 3 or more paragraphs.
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In this event it's all in how well you present the theme. 

:iconlainloveplz:  Rules  :iconlainloveplz:

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All pieces should be new art posted within the time frames of the theme week.

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Artwork should at least feel complete and be in color. 
FanFictions should be at least 3 paragraphs long.

Linearts, sketches & drabble can be submitted for the event, but they will only be eligible for half the prize amount.
(But at least you still can gain recognition for coming up with one of the best ideas for a theme.) 

Monthly PRIZES: (in US$ - or the point equivalent if you prefer)
$25.00 1st place
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$10.00 3rd Place

We have a panel of our Kages from the 1st Narut0-LoveFest who will convene at the end of each month to vote on the top 3 pieces of the month.

Criteria for voting is:
Does the piece represent the overall theme of the month?
Does the piece match the weekly theme as well?
Does the piece make us feel the LOVE? (Because we're all about the love here.)

The Pairings must be Manga & Anime Characters only: No OC pairings.

Challenge week Rules COMING SOON!  

:iconlotsofheartsplz: The THEMES :iconlotsofheartsplz:

Love  June: Four seasons
A classic theme. Put your Naruto-Lovebirds into a scenario, enjoying Seasonal activities to their fullest.
June 4-June 10 --Spring
June 11-June 17--Summer
June 18-June 24--Autumn
June 25-July 1--Winter

Heart July: Dates
Four Dating Scenarios
July 2-July 8--Ask out on a date
July 9-July 15--Fun date
July 16-July 22--Double date  (Pick a Favorite couple then Decide what other couple they might go out with) 
July 23-July 29--Romantic date

Love August: Sequence of the Day

Heart September: This&That

Love October: Costumes

Heart November: Weather

Love December: Get emotional

Heart January: Memes

Love February: Nature/Elemental

Heart March: Our Days

Love April: Alternative universe

Heart May: The Vows


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So, I'm coming back here after a week or so, in the middle of renewed Rose of Versailles madness. I watched anime again, and I read the manga, and oh, I'm in love with this story. It always held a special place in my heart but for last few years I was mostly into Naruto. (And if you've never heard of Rose of Versailles, don't even admit this to me XD)
So, I went on the favoriting spree, before I noticed there was a message in my inbox saying that the second part of my GaaraxMatsuri fanfic Until You Ask has been removed because of deviantArt's policy. Someone reported it. Who could this person be?
That was low. I have my suspicions but. Whatever. dA didn't remove my account but, just in case, keep in mind that you can find my fanfics here:…
and here:…
Best wishes for all of you!
La Lumiere et L'Ombre by eERIechan
made by Ferisae and eERIechan


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