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Riven - the exile

"what is broken, can be reforged"
-Riven the exile, League of legends

it's been while since I uploaded cosplay pics here, and recently, i've been hooked on playing league of legends, so i decided to cosplay some of the champs from the league :D...
originally i was going to do vi, but due to time constraints, I got side tracked to riven. everything was rushed as heck LOL. i'm totally unsatisfied with how my riven looked, gonna remake alot of the parts soon!

riven - me :iconkitsune0978:
photo by - the awesome jovi :iconjoviclaire:

special thanks to all peeps who helped me with the costume! dom, doro, fidel, nikki, stephen and eph xD
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I love the way your sword is, and your weather effects on the shoulder armor look real! :O Very nice job overall, you brought one of my fav chars to life <3 What materials did you use on the shoulderpad though o_O It looks very nice and I was hoping to use something that looked that good on my shyvana. :) Is it worbla at the base?
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thank you! :D

i used rubber sheets (i think its called craft foam or rubber assisted foam in other countries), to make may prop armors and runic blade :D

i've always wanted to try worbla. but i don't think we have that here sadly :<
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Maybe you could order some online? I got mine from :) It's so expensive though! x_x
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i can actually order online, but yeah veeeery expensive haha.
i'm not sure i'm willing to shell out that many cash if i can recreate the same effect with craft foams here xD
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Best Riven PH :>
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lol nope, worst riven PH :))
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nice one Mel... forgot to close the hatch for the switch properly...

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the secret power of my runic blade has been compromised! :))
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nuuu~ photog moar OP HAHAHA <3, this shot is just freakin awesome xD
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