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Por alguna razón los fans de MLP parecen disfrutar de torturar a Luna, no podía quedarme afuera ;P
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And this is why you make sure to report address changes to your local post office! :XD:
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My OC: (Please draw!! I tried asking everyone, nobody says yes) :sad: :sad: :sad: 

Name: Queen Briar
Age: 16
Coat color: Cinnamon
Mane: Slightly wavy brown hair
Cutie Mark: Rose with Thorns
Type: Alicorn 
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XD Her address isn't the castle anymore!
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she never changed her addresses not derpy fault
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Neither rain, nor sleet nor gravity and lack of an atmosphere to breathe will stop the Pony Express from making their deliveries!
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I wish comments here could be upvoted :XD:
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Hmmm... what's that reference in the last panel.. can't quite seem to place it...
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Ignore the sarcastic pricks. It's from Portal 2. The yellow robot keeps commenting on how he wants to go to space, and when you *spoilers* to defeat *spoilers*, it ends up orbiting the moon. In a last scene before the absolute end, it appears again, rambling on about how excited he is to be in space. You can find a video of it on Youtube if you're too lazy to play through the whole game.
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TF2? Noooooo..... Space Jam!
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I think it's mass effect
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This is why it's important to leave a forwarding address when you move.

This also explains why we didn't see Derpy during most of the third season.
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wow the mailer thought literally the moon ha lol since moon in spanish is luna
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She must have forgot to fill out that change of address form.
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Achievements in Ignorance at its finest, folks.
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Poor's clear she was born over a thousand years too early...

I mean, in this modern age of night life, video games, and heavy metal, she also now has fanboys and fangirls (like me :D!), but she doesn't know it because she never learned of these things called "Change of Address forms" :iconsadlunaplz:.
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Now how did Derpy get to the moon without any help?
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Derpy-power works everytime... may take you north instead of south
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Or West: all the way to the forgotten lands of Kalimdor.
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And sometimes one lands in Orgrimmar and wonders what went wrong.
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Last time that happened, a naked Gnome that was on Mescaline awoke in the valley of honor, drank a Venti Non-fat, organic chocolate brownie frappuchino, extra hot with foam and whipped cream, upside-down, double-blended. And blasted an Ogre into oblivion with a Caffine/Mescaline-fueled blast of energy that encircled the planet.
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*sent back the package's and letters.*there all done
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