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Kurama is...

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Here is my contribution to the "Character is..." project that is being hosted by :iconnillia: (you can find the rules and other entries here).

Ive seen some of the other ones that people did and simply had to do one of my own. Kurama was an obvious choice because he definately is one of my favorite characters and needs more fanart out in the dA community... actually the same is true for the whole YYH group. I was suprised no one had done him for this project because he has been abused like no other in the fandom.

Sorry for placing my Yu Yu Hakusho OTP in there at the end. I couldnt resist. :heart: And just out of curiosity... which panel do you like the best? I think mine would have to be the one with the pet plant.

Actually I came up with more than these 9 but decided to pick the ones that would be the most fun to draw.:p

*EDIT 3/1/07 - my second "character is" project Sai is... from Hikaru no Go!
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In all honesty, I thought Kurama was a chick when I first saw him in a 2006/7 issue of Shounen Jump magazine.

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Well, this really is what convinced me to never write mpreg again, to be honest (since this is all I can think of whenever I encounter an mpreg story) so good on you. However...from the Dark Tournament arc onwards, Kurama was able to turn into Youko again, and it was a conscious decision that in the end he CHOSE not to. And the Filipino dub did actually think he was a girl (Denise), who turned out to be a guy (Dennis) PRETENDING to be a girl (no in-universe reason for such a ruse given). Finally...Togashi said in an interview that he "probably should have done" the KuramaxHiei pairing. So you can't say it's COMPLETELY untrue. Of course, in the nineties they might have censored it, anyway.
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truth, i would've added he is a goddam strategy mastermind but i think that's the one thing nobody takes away from him in fanfics X'D
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can my friend use your art for his Instagram
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I can agree with most of this, but I dunno about not turning into a fox... he was depicted as a fox with multiple tails early on when explaining his past as a thief to Yusuke.

And my inner fan girl will always adore him. He's too cool/pretty/sexy/witty to not adore.
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But Kurama-kun, I tougth we're a perfect couple T^T
But kurama is not gay, although i wont deny he looks and acts a bit feminine
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I think it's informative and cool.
SkyTheLucario's avatar
heheh weeeeell these are official pages from the manga sooooo i may have proved the bottom right panel wrong……
AngelMurasumi's avatar
i AGREE with all the panels
shozurei's avatar
The keeping plants as pets reminds me of 'Little Shop of Horror.' If Kurama had been there, he'd have turned Audrey 2 into fertilizer much sooner.
mlpmintheartandcandy's avatar
betterlookingtwin's avatar
That last panel though XD
YuriXFlynn4116's avatar
This is wonderful XD
KizunaYui-Studios's avatar
I have to disagree with 2 of the panels above.
His plants are used as weaponry but its very likely he loves his plants like family or pets. He takes much care with them.

And Hiei x Kurama its canon Yoshiro Togashi himself said he wanted them to be together that it was supposed to happen but he didn't feel like he had enough chapters to really go into it. So it never happened.
natkurama's avatar
True also they originally intended for Kurama to be a girl. Hiei and Kurama were going to be a couple but changed his mind later, and just created them as close friends
YuriXFlynn4116's avatar
Wait.........Hiei x Kurama is canon!!!! OMG THIS HAS MADE MY DAY!!!!!! Thank you so much for commenting this!!!!!!! My ship can truly sail!!!!!!
KizunaYui-Studios's avatar
the artist himself stated they were supposed to be a couple but there wasn't enough time to flesh it out in the story like he wanted so it never happened.
AnimeFanticGirl's avatar
That is still fantastic so it is Canon!!!! I can die happy now
Roura-4-Kurama's avatar
I know this has been long, but do you have any sort of proof to this information?
If it's real then I can die happy... but I won't burst into joy until I find out for sure ...
KizunaYui-Studios's avatar
Another thing, the author originally wanted Hiei and Kurama to be a couple! How crazy is THAT?! Haha, but he erase that idea because it will turn off the male viewers, later in the interview Togashi said he wasn't bothered by fans pairing Kurama/Hiei though. He just couldn't because it was a Shonen, but he had written yaoi before and it wasn't unknown to him.
Roura-4-Kurama's avatar
Alright, I looked it up myself. He didn't mentions anything about wanting originally to have the two as couple, just that he wouldn't have minded the idea =)
KizunaYui-Studios's avatar
It was in an interview, I just had a post for you but my internet crashed.
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