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Star Guardian Ahri (Commission by Fuad1138) by Kitsune-Hayashi Star Guardian Ahri (Commission by Fuad1138) :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 19 0 Out For A Walk by Kitsune-Hayashi Out For A Walk :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 3 2 A Frosty Kiss by Kitsune-Hayashi A Frosty Kiss :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 1 2 Doing What I Love by Kitsune-Hayashi Doing What I Love :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 1 2 Running Through The Snow by Kitsune-Hayashi Running Through The Snow :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 1 0 Amaterasu Clay Sculpture Side View #2 by Kitsune-Hayashi Amaterasu Clay Sculpture Side View #2 :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 2 0 Amaterasu Clay Sculpture Back View by Kitsune-Hayashi Amaterasu Clay Sculpture Back View :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 3 0 Amaterasu Clay Sculpture Side View #1 by Kitsune-Hayashi Amaterasu Clay Sculpture Side View #1 :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 0 0 Amaterasu Clay Sculpture by Kitsune-Hayashi Amaterasu Clay Sculpture :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 3 0 Loki: God of Mischief by Kitsune-Hayashi Loki: God of Mischief :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 2 0 Can I Paint With You? by Kitsune-Hayashi Can I Paint With You? :iconkitsune-hayashi:Kitsune-Hayashi 2 16
Pokemon Black N and Sabrina Chapter 6
As the sun began to rise the next morning, Snivy and I were already on our way towards Nacrene City. We've been walking for about an hour when we finally reached Nacrene City. We stopped for breakfast at the cafe that was at the edge of town. "What'll you have, sweetie?" the waitress asked. "Um, I'll have the french toast and a hot chocolate, and Snivy can have the Oran berry platter," I said. "Thank you, your food will be ready in a little bit," the waitress said, walking back to the kitchen. I picked up the newspaper and started flipping through the pages. I stopped at a bright advertisment, featuring a couple dancing together. "Come to Nimbasa City Monday, March 4th 2013 in your best formal wear for the Spring Festival! Bring your friends, or that special someone with you to enjoy the festivities! See you there!" I read. "That sounds pretty fun, huh, Snivy?" I asked it. "Sni!" Snivy answered excitedly. I took out my laptop and emailed Cheren and Biance about the festival. Just as I
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Pokemon Black N and Sabrina Chapter 5
As I awoke early the next morning, my air sickness was gone and so was N. "No! Stop thinking about him!" I screamed at myself. My racket woke Snivy up in a spooked manor. Snivy glared at me as I shrugged at it. "Come on, Snivy. We have to investigate the liberations, then get the Trio Badge," I said. Snivy curled up again and made it pretty clear that it wasn't going to move, so I picked it up and placed on my shoulder. "Better?" I asked. "Sni," it answered. I trotted slowly into Nacrene City and was hit with a depressing feeling in the air. I nearly gasped for air as I steadied myself. I looked around and saw sad faces, no Pokemon running around. I walked up to a woman with her child and asked, "What happened here?" "Team Plasma and their liberation decree happened," she snapped. "Were you one of the people that liberated their Pokemon?" I asked. She nodded solemnly. "I thought it was best for my Pokemon, but now everyone has lost their happiness because of it," the woman said. I felt
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Pokemon Black N and Sabrina Chapter 4
As Snivy and I ran out of the hotel, we headed for Route 2. As we started off towards Route 2, Snivy suddenly got very tense. "What's wrong, Snivy?" I asked it. "Sniivy!" it cried. I looked ahead and saw N once again. "What do you want? You've been causing enough trouble for me already," I said to him. N faced me and said nothing. His face had a strange expression on it as he finally answered. "Ghetsis has already convinced some people to liberate their Pokemon," he said quietly. I was surprised that people would actually liberate their Pokemon. "Are you sure about that?" I asked. N nodded solemnly as he turned to leave. "Wait! Could you take me to where the liberations were?" I asked. N nodded and smiled. I sat down on his Baviary behind him quickly. "Hold on tight," he said gently. I wrapped my arms around his waist as we shot off towards the town where Ghetsis was recently seen.
After about 10 minutes of flying, we dropped down into Nacrene City, where the liberations had happened.
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Pokemon Black N and Sabrina Chapter 3
As we entered the hotel, Cheren had already gotten a room for us. Cheren and Bianca shared a room, and I got one to myself. As I entered my room, Snivy leaped off of my shoulder, landed on the bed, and curled up. "Full day, huh Snivy?" I asked it. "Snii," it answered. I chuckled and went to the balcony. I put my chin in my hand and sighed. The light breeze somewhat calmed my nerves, but I still thought about what Ghetsis said.
There was a loud crash as someone leapt onto the balcony. I nearly screamed but realized that it was N. "What are you doing here?! I thought you left awhile ago!" I whispered loudly. N looked at me and said, "I just wanted to drop in." I noticed that he wanted me to laugh at his "clever" pun, but being exhausted from today, I didn't have the heart to. N tilted his head in confusion as I turned to my bed. "Where are you going?" he asked. "Bed. What did you think I was doing?" I somewhat snapped. He held up his hands in defense and chuckled. "I don't know, to call
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Pokemon Black N and Sabrina Chapter 2
As we approached the crowd, a tall man with similar green hair but dressed in a gold and purple robe, and a fake eye stepped forward and addressed himself. "I am Ghetsis, leader of Team Plasma. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about Pokemon liberation." I turned to my friends in disbelief and said, "Pokemon liberation?!" Cheren shrugged and we continued to listen.
"That's right! We must liberate the Pokémon! Then, and only then, will humans and Pokémon truly be equals. Everyone, I end my words here today by imploring you to consider the relationship between people and Pokémon... and the correct way to proceed. We sincerely appreciate your attention," Ghetsis finished. He motioned to his followers to take down the two flags that showed the Team Plasma logo. They formed a barrier around him and left the plaza as the townsfolk's confused chatter grew.
"We need our Pokemon!" I shouted. Cheren patted my shoulder as Bianca started to fret. "We jus
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N E A R  T H E  R I V E R by PyonSangSang N E A R T H E R I V E R :iconpyonsangsang:PyonSangSang 75 3 Kayle and Morgana chibi face by JamilSC11 Kayle and Morgana chibi face :iconjamilsc11:JamilSC11 61 4 Darks Morgana Rework by JamilSC11 Darks Morgana Rework :iconjamilsc11:JamilSC11 131 10 [CC] A new friend (Prompt #2) by Inukki [CC] A new friend (Prompt #2) :iconinukki:Inukki 73 3 Legend of Korra by einiv Legend of Korra :iconeiniv:einiv 533 41 Kiki's Delivery Service - Break Time by einiv Kiki's Delivery Service - Break Time :iconeiniv:einiv 2,035 58 Princess Mononoke by einiv Princess Mononoke :iconeiniv:einiv 1,164 25 Ahri - Don't you trust me? by einiv Ahri - Don't you trust me? :iconeiniv:einiv 549 22 The Wolf Clan and Princess Mononoke by einiv The Wolf Clan and Princess Mononoke :iconeiniv:einiv 1,066 32 Eyes Unclouded by yuumei Eyes Unclouded :iconyuumei:yuumei 26,593 661 Valentines Day Card 2019 by SkynamicStudios Valentines Day Card 2019 :iconskynamicstudios:SkynamicStudios 96 8 Daily Paint 2277. Music Fox by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2277. Music Fox :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,824 117 C :: Hey- that's mine! by cavuu C :: Hey- that's mine! :iconcavuu:cavuu 395 15 [CC] - Looking for friends by Inukki [CC] - Looking for friends :iconinukki:Inukki 79 18 [CC] Never seen this before by Inukki [CC] Never seen this before :iconinukki:Inukki 99 9 Swan Song by InkRose98 Swan Song :iconinkrose98:InkRose98 81 19



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From October 18th to December 8th, my first college animation final is complete. After many struggles and frustrations, I was able to get through it with not only my professor's help, but also my boyfriend's belief in me and always cheered me on to what is presented to you now. Give it a watch, like and favorite, comment in the comments section on the video, and hit that subscribe button to my channel, Kitsune Hayashi.

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Just a girl in college studying animation while improving my art skills and making new friends and living four and a half hours from home.

I LOVE FOXES!!! They're my favorite animal, hence my DA and YouTube name. (Kitsune means fox in Japanese if you don't know.)

I love to learn and I hope to become fluent or mildly fluent in Japanese. I think learning a second language is awesome and very interesting.

I love to watch animations, whether it be anime, Studio Ghibli, Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks, cartoons like Steven Universe, Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Bee and Puppycat, Miraculous Ladybug, etc.

I love to play video games such as Okami/Okamiden, League of Legends, Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates, etc.

I love to draw and read, but college takes a lot out of me during the day so I don't always want to draw or read once classes are over for the day. Focusing on schoolwork for almost half the day puts a strain on my eyes, and my eyesight is already diminishing due to a rare genetic eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa.

I have anxiety (mainly social), depression, and Retinitis Pigmentosa or RP. I cannot express the troubles I have gone through and dealt with throughout my years, but they've been getting a lot better especially because my boyfriend has helped me so much through the 2 years we've been together. RP is not curable, but there are treatments developed or being developed to help to possibly retain what eyesight a person with RP has left.

I have an identical twin sister, who has the same eye disease as I do, but hers is worse, I have a sister who is 5 years younger than me, and a brother who is 9 years younger than me. And me and my sisters are a bunch of dorks and geeks.

I also enjoy animation and animating. I have a few videos on my channel of the animations I've done so far at my university, and they may be a little choppy, but I'm proud of them because I'm finally living my dream as an animator. I remember that it took me so long to find what I wanted to do in life, and now I'm living and experiencing it.
DISCLAIMER: Animation is not easy! It takes patience and a lot of observation to get it just right! For my final project for last semester, I spent 14 hours straight in the animation lab just to get my project done! But I enjoy it nonetheless.

I can be extremely lazy and forgetful at times, but that's life.

So yeah, that's a bit about me. Watch or subscribe to my Youtube channel if you want. Hope you enjoyed my little bio!


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