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My half of an art trade with :iconno-u-turn: , who requested Calvin all growed up. I think it was supposed to be funny....but I'm bad at funny. I'm good at cute though!'s really not that cute, 'cept Hobbes hiding behind the computer.

Referenced a bit, for Calvin's hair and face shape, and used Calvin's dad as a reference for Watterston's style of drawing adults...and the pose, 'cause I's bad at poses, mmmhmmm.
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Mom: Calvin? are you watching Bubble Guppies on youtube again?
Calvin: No, I was too busy looking at tigers on Google.
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it looks like hes making sure noone sees him with hobbes
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Hobbes: hes watching you masturbate
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It's kind of sad, but kind of reasuring. Hobbes is still there.
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It's actually kinda sad in the sense that they appear to be alone and yet Hobbes is still just a doll, like Calvin's lost his childhood imagination.
Still like it as a piece though, you emulated Watterson's style very well and it managed to evoke something outta me - good job!
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LOL he totally looks like adam@home.
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I love the concept, but I think the desk and chair are out of proportion with Calvin. He ends up looking like a giant kid instead of an adult. But the style is just like Bills, and hobbes is very cute.
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Yeah, I basically stuck a slightly less round version of Calvin's head on a reference of his dad's body. Looks a little funky, I must admit. :)
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It's a bit like, Honey I blew up the baby. lol. which makes me laugh my evil slytherin ass off, but meh. whatever.
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...funny ? I think it's kinda sad...Look at the expression on Calvin's face, he looks as if he's regretting all the good time spent with Hobbes when whe was a kid, now he's all grown up and working on a computer...

Am I the only one to think this or what ?! *crazy*

Anyway, the drawing's awesome^^
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The "funny" was referring to what was requested, not what was actually achieved. I guess it could by considered sad. I thought it would be kind of sweet if he kept Hobbes and had him out and nearby, rather than thrown in an old box or thrown away, as most old stuffed animals are.
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i always wondered if that comic would ever become a tv show or animated, maybe by the ones that made denis the menis but it never happened XD

to this day how ever i still think it'll happen i mean it took them this long to make sequels for terminator and child's play ;p
kitsune-gekkani's avatar
Honestly, I don't think Bill Watterston would let it happen. He has more class than to sell out like that.

I think I'd be pretty horrified if it did happen. I don't think it would work in any other format, specifically film.
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XD ah well maybe if it was made during the 80's it would of worked...
but then again comics get away with more then tv can
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OOPS i was gonna ask can I still do a real-life Calvin snowman in hit send on accident FORGIVE ME :(
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You do realize, this is going STRAIGHT onto the cover of my school binder. o:
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XD YAY. Now we are binder buddies, as I still have your guest comic in my Emma binder.
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Wouldn't that make us cousins or something D:
kitsune-gekkani's avatar
Hmmm, perhaps... binder-cousins... indeed.
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