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WoT Matrim 2

By Kitsune-gari
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Another version of dear Mat from WoT...

Argh, looks so much better on paper...

WoT belongs to Robert Jordan
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I really love this piece (and also the older version^^).
I love it so I'd like to carve it on one of my futur works, probably on blet bag or a book cover with your permission ;-)
Kitsune-gari's avatar
You are very welcome to do so, as long as you credit me. And thanks for the favs. :D

Btw, I love your leather carvings, especially the WoT book cover.
kanarchiste's avatar
Thank you too for the fav ;-)

I will not miss to credit you when it is done :-)
kanarchiste's avatar
Here it is!…
Hope you like it ;-)
If you don't mind, I'd like it to be the price for some contest I'll make for easter on my facebook page :-)
Kitsune-gari's avatar
Oh wow. Looks really cool, and not just the pattern but the entire bag. ;)
You're really talented, and of course you can do whatever you want with it.
kanarchiste's avatar
Thx, really I think it is one of my best work from now ^^
DDiMare's avatar
I really like this, Mat is one of my favorite WoT characters.  Not sure if it was your intention, but i like how it looks like he just lost his eye to the snakes and foxes
Kitsune-gari's avatar
Thank you, and yes it is intentional. :D
Would be a grrrreat tattoo!
Kitsune-gari's avatar
Funny you should say that, because I'm actually gonna get it inked soon, somewhat edited, but still... :XD:
EmperorIke's avatar
instant goosebumps
whitetower-exe's avatar
I see where you're going with this, but it's not really an improvement on the previous one... just a different feel. I like both, in their own right.
CoffeeHolick's avatar
Damn thats awesome! Love how you did the hat, with one end curling up and the other down.
MagicArtd's avatar
MagicArtd's avatar
You're welcome! Don't hesitate to watch me =)
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