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My First Pokemon by Kitsune-Fox17 My First Pokemon by Kitsune-Fox17
So, here's some new artwork, Natalie. As promised like two months ago. Heh.

I was feeling lonely and sad and played a little FireRed. This got me thinking about my first pokemon game - Yellow - and my starter pokemon - the pikachu that followed you around every where.

I saved up for months and got my Gameboy Color and Pokemon Yellow. I vaguely knew about the pokemon games, but nothing too terribly detailed. I was delighted when my pikachu - nicknamed Lighting; I was 12 so not the most creative - followed me around, and I could talk to it. I was actually really attached to that digital set of pixels. I wasn't the most popular in middle school and did not have what you could call a lot of friends. In a way my pokemon in the game - and especially Lightning - were my friends.

So I drew this to try and cheer myself up a little. There was no lineart. I opened up Photoshop and just used the paintbrush tool to get this.

I may just put it in scraps later when I'm feeling less lonely.
N-Expressions Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011
Awwwe omg pikachu looks so squishy. ^^ Im sorry you feel lonely...its good you can express that through art so it doesnt build up inside of you. I love the colors, so bright. :D Its pretty sad that my first pokemon game that i got into was Pearl. D: (i played a tiny bit of yellow back in the day but it was my cousins game and i just walked around and fought a little) The games are sooo much fun though <3 still not finished playing Plantinum, soul silver, or black but ive gotten pretty far in black. :D
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